A line of red flags used for Russian wolf hunting

Flagging: A Russian Classic Wolf Hunt

What would you say if someone told you that it was possible to contain wild free-range grey wolves in a definite space in a forest, and make them move precisely where you want to, within a few feet? There is a way, invented by Russian hunters in the second part of the XIX century, and has been used with great success ever since. Here are a few wolf hunting tips from Russia that could help you not only tag a grey wolf, but might work magic for coyotes and red foxes.

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A sunrise on a forest lake

Does Your Dad Have a Dream?

There may be hunters who say “I spent too much time hunting with Dad”. But there are surely many more who wished they went out with the old man more often. It doesn’t have to be a fancy and expensive journey. In fact we all know that a sunset near a dove field, or a morning at a local river where the fish never bites may bring a bonding memory that no other can match. But whether you need inspiration, or know precisely what you want, we at BookYourHunt.com will be happy to make your dream come true!

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A collage of fallow deer antler, boar tusks, and other hunting-related objects

Monteria: Hunting like a king!

Monteria is a classic Spanish and Portuguese hunt for big game, such as red stag and wild boar, using beaters and packs of hounds to drive animals towards hunters. It allows an opportunity to harvest many animals in a day of hunting, but it is a very challenging hunt, requiring advanced skills in game identification, shooting running, and keeping a cool head for safety. Elaborate rituals and excitement makes it a truly royal hunt.

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BookYourHunt.com was founded June 1, 2015

3 Years of Making Hunting Dreams Come True

The idea of an online marketplace where outfitters can offer their hunts, and hunters can find them and book directly, at the outfitter’s price, without any hidden or extra costs, is simple. Making it work is another story. Still, in all the three years BookYourHunt.com has been seeing continuous growth.

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Fantastic scenery of Wyoming

Wyoming’s Grizzly Season: The Why’s and Why-Not’s

It finally happened – for the first time in 44 years a grizzly hunting season is approved in the Lower 48. This story is looking into the most common arguments for and against the hunt. The very limited number of animals to be harvested, tough hunting regulations, on the one hand, and a likely though decrease of overall bear mortality with the legal season (due to improved attitude towards bears by locals, and decreased infanticide) make BookYourHunt.com support the hunt.

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A crocodile lazing on a river bank

Immersion Into the Past: Crocodile Hunting

Crocodiles evolved 60 million years ago, and outlived dinosaurs. They are dangerous neighbors for people in rural Africa, who are only happy when a hunter comes from Europe or America to kill one. Hundreds of people perish in crocodile jaws in Africa, which makes hunting the reptiles ethically justified: if they can kill us, we can kill them. Try walking in the shoes of Lt. Col. Patterson and Jim Corbett, but beware: crocodile hunting can be dangerous.

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A male pronghorn antelope: a great hunting trophy

Target Pronghorn for Your First Western Hunt: Guest post by Ron Spomer

The pronghorn antelope is abundant in the American West, licenses and tags are readily available, and outfitted hunts much more affordable than elk or mule deer. On the other hand, pronghorn is a sharp-sighted and wary creature, making hunting one a real challenge. All this makes pronghorn, according to Ron Spomer, an ideal quarry for a first hunt in the American West. With tips on what rifle and cartridge to use, how to stalk pronghorn, how to choose an outfitter, and more.

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