A male pronghorn antelope: a great hunting trophy

Target Pronghorn for Your First Western Hunt: Guest post by Ron Spomer

The pronghorn antelope is abundant in the American West, licenses and tags are readily available, and outfitted hunts much more affordable than elk or mule deer. On the other hand, pronghorn is a sharp-sighted and wary creature, making hunting one a real challenge. All this makes pronghorn, according to Ron Spomer, an ideal quarry for a first hunt in the American West. With tips on what rifle and cartridge to use, how to stalk pronghorn, how to choose an outfitter, and more.

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Ruins of an ancient abandoned fortress in Tajikistan

To the Roots of Mountain Hunting: Part II

Frank Zitz had his reservations before going Ibex hunting with Hunting&Conservation Alliance of Tajikistan. It proved to be a fantastic trip, with great hospitality, professional team, outstanding insights into local culture, and above all great hunting, with healthy herd of mountain game ensured by trophy hunting funded conservation.

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What are six questions most people can't answer about BookYourHunt.com

6 Questions About BookYourHunt.com (that you probably got wrong)

Is BookYourHunt.com another booking agency? Can anyone advertise their hunts on BookYourHunt.com? Are the services of BookYourHunt.com expensive? Will BookYourHunt.com staff find the right hunt for you? Why book with BookYourHunt.com if I can book with outfitter directly? Does Jim Shockey get paid for promoting BookYourHunt.com? The answers for these questions are in this blog post.

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500 outfitters on BookYourHunt.com

500+ Outfitters on BookYourHunt.com!

“I’d heard about BookYourHunt.com before, but at first I thought it was just another agency. Then I heard other outfitters saying how BookYourHunt.com was bringing them clients and not just wasting people’s time. Looking on Uber and AirBNB, I began to feel that online bookings were the future. Long story short, as soon as I fully understood the concept of BookYourHunt.com, I joined immediately” – Grant Taylor of Mashambanzou Safaris become 500th outfitter to join the BookYourHunt.com online marketplace. What are Mashambanzou Safaris, what convinced Grant to join BookYourHunt.com, and why the number of outfitters matter – in this blog post.

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