Hunting in Poland: What you need to know

Whether stalking the roebuck in ate spring, listening to the hair-raising roar of red stags on a September morning, waiting for the flight of geese on a coastal lake, or thrilled by a big driven hunt for wild boar, hunting in Poland is an unforgettable adventure.

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A roe deer in a meadow

The Real Bambi: Roe Deer and Roe Deer Hunting

The roebuck may not be the first animal that you associate with European hunting. But visit any German hunting lodge or tavern, and you’ll see rows of rows of little roe deer antlers, mounted on the shields in what Americans call “Euro style”. From the vineyards of France to the frozen forest-steppes of Kazakhstan, the delicious venison of the roe deer is a staple food for many European and Asian hunters, in much the same way as the whitetail deer is for Americans.

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BookYourHunt Analytics

Hunting after COVID-19: Survey Results Inspire Optimism is concerned about the challenges that the epidemic of COVID-19 presents to hunting, hunting tourism, and conservation activities funded by hunters’ dollars. To get a glimpse into post-COVID future, we surveyed about a 1000 hunters who book their hunts on our online marketplace, which comprise a representative sample of the consumers of the hunting tourism industry. And we found the answers, overall, highly encouraging.

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