Lions and Lion Lands. From “The Book of the Lion”, 1913, by Sir Alfred E. Pease

In my youth I believed myself so hemmed in by circumstances and duties that I thought I should never break through such barriers into the real world beyond. Conventionalities which then looked like a granite wall I have discovered to be a delusion. I have learnt that human beings do not always understand the language in which duty calls, and that by the use of a little force a hole can be made through the thorny zariba of circumstances by which the poor, impounded creature, whether peasant or potentate, may escape to taste of life.

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Hunters going into KwaZulu-Natal mountains on horseback

Horseback Hunting in the KwaZulu-Natal Mountains. By Willem du Plessis 

The bull turned one more time and looked straight at me. It was now or never. I got my breathing under control, aimed the small copper bead dead on, and started squeezing the trigger. The 570 gr Barnes hit him like a ton of cement and he dropped instantly. I looked at my friend next to me and he confirmed the kill without saying much … A 140 m kill shot with my favourite rifle – that had just happened!

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A herd of caribou

Bulls of the Last Frontier: A hunt for caribou in the Alaskan wilderness. By James Reed

“We need to get that boy a caribou,” Dom Watts said.

Dom had just heard the story of my son Logan’s Idaho bighorn sheep hunt, and the great attitude and perseverance the fourteen-year-old had exhibited in challenging conditions. Dom lives in Alaska and is an avid DIY caribou hunter, and he was already setting the wheels in motion to get Logan to Alaska on his first caribou hunt.

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The author with his Greater Kudu

The Dundee Monster. By Paul Zorn

I travelled down with my wife, Sandra and my faithful tracker, Bonniface who has been with me for over 21 years. I was like a little boy going on my first hunt, I felt really good. Peter and Chris had arranged for me to hunt an unfenced farm to the west of Chris’s ranch where we had seen some good kudu in May, apparently the area had not really been hunted much for the last 5 or 6 years.

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The wapiti trophy from Northern China

Hunting in Northern China

Today, you can’t legally go hunting in China. A century ago, however, things were different, and you can find testimony on pages of old books. Here we reproduce a few extracts from one such book, “Fur and Feather in Northern China” by Arthur de Carle Sowerby, F.R.G.S., published in 1914. Bats, admittedly, are mentioned only in passing, but we hope you’ll enjoy the stories about wild sheep, wapiti, and antelope. 

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