The New Year Message: Do Not Repeat Our Mistakes!

This is the time of year when most people look back to check what they achieved (or didn’t) at work, and whether they have dedicated enough time to what they love most (e.g. family, or hunting).

Now, as far as our work on goes – no regrets. We had a great year in 2018. We keep growing our outfitter and hunt base, passing the 4000 hunts and 500 outfitters benchmarks, to bring you more choices and options. We’ve seen our 3 year anniversary – a watershed that, according to some experts, tells startups from grownup businesses.

We launched quite a few new awesome features:

      Awards of Excellence

      Landowner Program

      Gift card

Most importantly, we’ve never before connected so many hunters with the adventures of their dreams. Great reviews come in so fast we don’t have time to post them all on our social media pages.

Nobody’s perfect, and, looking back at our work on in 2018, there are moments where we go “we could have done better”. But there’s nothing over which we say “we didn’t try enough”, nor “we should have put in more hours”.

So what about the mistakes?

The usual things. You’ve heard this one before – at the end of the day, nobody ever regrets not working enough. But tons of people regret spending too little time with their families, and not hunting enough. That’s us. Guilty as charged.

But you don’t have to be. is designed to help you save time and money – and invest them into what matters most to you. If you save time, you can spend more with your family or hunt more often. If you save money, you don’t have to work as hard, which gives you time to spend with your dear ones or afield (or with your dear ones afield).

With, you save money – and quite a lot of money – as opposed to booking with outfitting agencies. There are many good agencies who do a great job finding hunts for their clients – but this comes at a price, while on you get your hunts directly from outfitters with Best Price Guarantee.

As for saving time – something even more precious – helps you in many ways. It makes finding the right hunt easier than ever before (actually, you don’t even have to look; enter your parameters in a Smart Subscription form and have the hunting offers delivered automatically to your e-mail). And you won’t have to spend many hours looking for information about the outfitter you found online (can I trust them or should I be careful?). There are many awesome outfitters who aren’t with yet, but if they are on, you can be sure you can trust them. That saves some sleeping hours, too.

This is the time to look back on the year past, the achievements and failures, the birds and animals you were fortunate to harvest, and the “not this time, buddy” ones. The time to look forward into the next year, and to make plans.

What are your aspirations for the year 2019?

Do you want to check out if Africa is indeed worth all the praise people sing to it? Would you want to check if the doves do blacken the skies in Argentina? How about climbing the “Roof of the World” for the mighty ibex? Would you give it all for just one chance to hear again the bugle of the royal elk? Or could we tempt you with a European classic, like the Monteria, where a year of wildlife management is concentrated in a day of fast shooting? Perhaps a simple, but successful deer hunt near home?

Whatever you want, we’ve got you covered in the most convenient and affordable manner you can have online.

Make your plans for 2019 with!


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