Introducing Our Gift Card: The Best Gift a Hunter May Wish For!

Have you ever searched for a present, and be like “I know what he(she) loves to do most. Hunt. Hardly cares for anything else, actually. If only I could give him(her) a hunt…”? Oh yes! There’s nothing we hunters would love better than a new hunting adventure. We never tire of them. There’s never too many. But how to give a hunt as a present? That is the question that makes “To be or not to be?” a child’s play. Big game or small game? Spot-and-stalk, hunting from a blind, or walked up with dogs? Mountains of Montana, green fields of Africa, adventure in Alaska, or just a good old-fashioned deer hunt a short drive from home? What dates can the lucky hunter take off work? With so many variables, no wonder most hunters have to keep getting perfume, kitchen utensils, ornamental candles, etc., instead of hunting adventures.

Rejoice, for these days are over!

Introducing the gift card. It can be made to any amount and used as full or part payment for any hunt on our online marketplace. With thousands of hunts directly from trusted outfitters, any hunter can find his or her dream hunt on With the gift card, you can give a ticket to the dream.

Why gift card is the best present ever for a hunter.


You don’t have to be an expert in the hunting industry, nor have a second sight to guess what particular animal or location your lucky hunter has in mind. They will be able to choose the details of their adventure themselves. Dates are no problem either – the gift card has no expiry date, and can be used to book a hunt at any point in the future.  

      Wide Choice makes finding the right hunt easier than ever! The Hunting Map shows hunts in any specific location, and the Search feature allows to make a list of offers for a given price range, dates, species, and many other filters. Should the best offers be sold out at present, there’s the Smart Subscriptions feature that will send instant notification when the dream hunt becomes available. Often that would be a cancellation hunt, and those are always a great bargain.


All offers on come with Best Price Guarantee, which means you won’t be able to find the same hunt any cheaper anywhere else. In fact the online marketplace is home to some of the best special offers in the whole hunting industry.

      Security thoroughly vets outfitters before they can post their hunts on our marketplace, so you can be sure that your hunter will get the hunt exactly as advertised. In any case, when you book your hunt on you’ll have a round-the-clock support from experienced, multilingual staff. The security of the gift card itself is ensured by the fact that it will only work with the email you entered when you ordered the card.

Give the Gift of a Hunt

For a friend, family member, spouse, colleague or business partner, if the person is a passionate hunter, you’ll have the present problem sorted out for ever. For Christmas, New Year, birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation, or any other occasion gift card is the best present a hunter can get!

To buy a gift card, just click on the link and follow instructions. It IS fast and easy, and in case you have any questions the support team is always there to help.




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