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“When I was growing up in Iowa I could hunt seriously about 1/4 of the state. I even had a farmer who would let me hunt and not let his own son hunt as he didn’t approve of his son’s hunting methods! Now most of the access is gone, either leased or bought by hunters. Many simply refuse access because of pressure from their insurance companies. Unfortunately this is simply the state of the game today” – says James Reed,’s Director for North America.

True, access to private lands is disappearing across America. A lot of land remains locked to hunters only because landowners are reluctant to deal with the complicated process of marketing their leases. Likewise, a lot of hunters remain without access to hunting grounds only because a good hunting lease is hard to find. But our innovative model that connects hunters and outfitters in an easy and convenient way can change that.  

Introducing BookYourHunt Hunting Lease Program.

Think your property can work better as a hunting lease? Want to reduce maintenance cost by offering access to it to selected hunters for a fee? Have a hunting lease but would like to split the price of your existing hunting lease with other hunters?  Want to sell a hunting lease or access to private property? Sign up with and let us take care of the rest.

Rule 1 of Bookyourhunt lease programYour Land. Your Rules.

You remain in full control of your property and the rules of access to it. You make all the decisions. Your land – your rules. You decide how long a hunt is, how many hunters, who the hunters are, where they hunt, what is included on their hunts and all the other details. And you can say no at any moment before the lease is finalized.

Your wildlife your priceYour Wildlife. Your Price.

The price for your lease is determined by you, and you alone. And you get the money directly from the hunters, so no third parties involved in handling your money. Not a cent of it comes through

All contact between lease owners and bidders in chat Your Life. Your Privacy.

One of the great advantages of leasing your land through is 100% privacy protection. No contact information will be posted on, and the only link between hunters and you is our chat system. Only after you have communicated with the bidder in the secure environment of our chat, and made sure they are someone you would like to host, you would have the choice to go ahead and give them more details.

How To Enroll in the BookYourHunt Hunting Lease Program?

Sign up – is simple and free. Then we set up your page, our webmasters fill it with details of your lease(s), and we begin marketing it internationally – and you still don’t owe us anything. There are no hidden fees or costs, and all service is free until you get paid by a client who found and leased your land through Details of the agreement are confidential (contact our staff for information).

All you need to do is to make up your mind whether you want to share the access to your property with someone else who could contribute to maintaining and regulating wildlife there, as well as bring you extra income. Hundreds of outfitters have already joined, because it’s risk-free, and it works. You can benefit from our innovative approach, too.

Contact to take part in lease program

The Benefits of Hunting Lease Program for Hunters

If you have to hunt for a lease before you get to hunt for deer or whatever game is on your mind, you won’t find a place more convenient than When looking for a lease, you’ll be able to take advantage of every feature that makes our website so convenient to use – map or list view, search with every possible set of filters, personalized subscription with updates on new offers, customer reviews, and the chat feature that connects you with the property owner.

Just as you can trust any outfitter on – if they’re there, they’re for real – so you can trust any landowner and lease posted here. We shall apply the same diligence in vetting lease offers as we do in vetting outfitters. And the leases will come with the same Best Price Guarantee as the hunts. It is a win-win for both hunters and landowners, and you won’t find a more convenient way to offer or find a hunting lease online.

To sing up for the Hunting Lease program, or learn more about it, contact James Reed (+1 (208) 520 1600; or Catherine McConnell (


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