A black bear on a tree

What Can You Hunt THIS Spring? 

Spring used to be the time of brown bear hunting in Kamchatka, red stag roar in Argentina and New Zealand, roebuck calling and stalking in Europe, and many other exciting opportunities. At present, unfortunately, as we all know too well, those are closed because of the travel bans. But that doesn’t mean no hunting this spring. An American hunter should, perhaps, reconsider the opportunities that the Land of the Free offers. Let us go through those again. 

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Hello, 2021, Goodbye, 2020! 

It’s hard to argue the year 2020 was bad, but each of us can look back and find not only things that went wrong, but also things to be grateful for. It taught us a number of important lessons, such as the value of the essentials – including hunting. And, while 2021 isn’t going to be all bed of roses either, BookYourHunt.com remains optimistic. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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