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Sometimes it looks like the world has been turned upside down. Really, who ever heard of the Soccer World Cup in December? Not that we at are much into sports, but we couldn’t help cheering for Argentina, one of the most popular hunting destinations in the world. But we should confess that during the most dramatic moments of the finals the blue-white-blue flag kept reminding us of doves and pigeons and magnificent red stags. Whatever happens, hunters always think about hunting. 

And hunters will always hunt. We have figures to prove it: even in the times of deepest uncertainty the interest in hunting only grows. Consumer patterns may vary, the prices that the clients are ready to pay may change, some destinations may lose their popularity or temporarily close, but that only means other destinations and price ranges will see more attention from the hunters. As the world goes from one crisis to another, one thing remains certain: hunting is an island of stability that holds us together, in more ways than one.

Now we’re saying goodbye to another difficult year. But, like in the years before, no matter what there’ll be in the news tomorrow, you’ll be sure we’ll still be working on new features and improvements to ensure our website remains the best place to find and book the hunting adventure of your lifetime. And, like before, there’ll be an ever growing number of site visits and booked hunts. 

Here are a few things that we’ve added to the website this year to make it even easier for you to find and book your hunt. One thing that you expect to see on every site that is about web-commerce is online payments. We haven’t included one from the start, because we always wanted to stress that when you book on, you book directly from the outfitter, we don’t touch your money. We still don’t, but some of our clients find it more convenient to have a payment option on the website, so we added that. 

This feature is especially useful for hunts that have the “Instant Booking” option. Not all hunts do, and actually it’s not always possible, especially when we’re talking about hunts that require drawing a tag (by the way, you can now set the search to show you only the hunts that come with OTC tags). But when the outfitter is ready for that option, instant booking can really save a lot of time. This is important for many hunters, and that’s why we’ve introduced the booking request model, a feature that both clients and outfitters seem to like and actively use. 

To help you get a better idea of what the outfitter looks like, we’re actively expanding the “Meet Your Guide” video series. And speaking of video, don’t forget to pull out the phone and shoot a few images and videos while you’re on your next hunt. Send them to us and our video team will edit your footage into a professional video review that you could share with your friends, and that will be promoted through on our YouTube channel and other social media channels (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!). The first video reviews are already on, and we’re sure yours will be even better! 

Are you reading this on your PC or from a mobile device? More and more people enjoy the convenience of surfing the Web from their phones and pads, and if you haven’t downloaded the BookYourHunt App, now it’s time to do it. And if you have it on your phone but haven’t opened it for a while – time to update it. We’ve put a lot of work into improving the app this year, and now it equals the website in functionality.  

Hunting shows are back, and we made an appearance on one – the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, where we presented both and our sister project for fishing enthusiasts, That was quite an adventure, and we’ve discovered a lot of new and interesting thing on the new-to-us market. But we’re continuing our own online show as well – the 3rd BookYourHunt Online Hunting Show is about to start, with many amazing deals, gift card giveaways, and more! 

The new year is upon us. It will bring its share of trouble and crises – what year won’t? But we believe that with hard work, faith and optimism, we can overcome anything. We wish you peace and safety, perfect health and positive feelings, and above all – new and exciting hunting adventures. Good hunting all, and Happy 2023! 

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