Let’s Go Fishing! Introducing BaitYourHook.com – a new online marketplace for fishing enthusiasts 

Admit it. If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting for this. Hunting and fishing are so closely related that it’s hard to draw the border sometimes – think bowfishing, for example, or the alligator hunts where you harpoon the reptile first. A lot of hunters are fishermen as well, and many outfitters offer fishing trips in addition to hunting, sometimes even as “cast and blast” tours where you can enjoy both outdoor pursuits at the same time. Online marketplaces are claiming a greater and greater share of the markets, especially in the last few months, even among the most traditionally-minded and old-fashioned groups such as outdoor enthusiasts. BookYourHunt.com became a gamechanger in the hunting industry with our online marketplace for hunts. How about fishing? 

To tell the truth, expansion into booking fishing trips has been on our plans from the start. And now, ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to BaitYourHook.com

BaitYourHook Jim

“Having hunted all over the world, I also enjoy fishing opportunities as well as crabbing and catching prawns from my own boat,” said one of BYH, Inc.’s founders and partner Jim Shockey. “I’m thrilled that we’re expanding into fishing to give more opportunities for outfitters to market their fishing trips and anglers to have the convenience to search and book their fishing trips all in one place, BaitYourHook.com.”

In a word, BaitYourHook.com is BookYourHunt.com, only for fishing. You will find the same features, such as a convenient search tool, the same Best Price Guarantee, the same transparency and honesty, and the same diligence in endorsement only sustainable use operations that conduct their business in a legal and responsible manner. Just as on BookYourHunt.com, you are booking your fishing trip directly from the operator. 

Shan Cunningham

Outfitter and client relationships of BaitYourHook.com are managed by Shan Cunningham. A resident of Nova Scotia, Canada, Shan has been a lifelong hunter and angler.  He and his wife Sali love to travel the world seeking out new places to fish, and the couple has recently signed on as co-hosts for Canada Hunts on Wild TV. So now you’ll be able to see what adventures these two are up to. Shan staffs for a number of companies in the outdoor industry, and has been a partner with BookYourHunt.com for the last four years. For all the years he’s been seeing more and more of the clients of his company, Ursa Major Outfitters, come from BookYourHunt.com, so it’s no surprise he’s become an enthusiast of the online marketplace concept, and jumped on the opportunity to join BaitYourHook.com.

BaitYourHook.com has only just begun its operation, and can’t yet boast of the same number of opportunities and destinations as BookYourHunt.com, but the number of opportunities is growing by leaps and bounds, fostered by enthusiastic welcome from the outdoor community. “In fact, the only negative comments I’ve received so far was from fly fishermen” – says Shan – “They were like, we don’t bait our hooks, we tie on the flies! Let me tell you, folks, it’s only a name. We have fly fishing, on-shore, off-shore, deep sea, bowfishing, spearfishing – you name it!” Every day dozens of operators contact us, or respond to our reaching out, and are ready to post their fishing trips on BaitYourHook.com 

BaitYourHook.com, like BookYourHunt.com, operates globally, and offers many exciting destinations all over the world. Our African office, for example, would like to remind you that Africa is not only famous as a hunting safari destination, but has some awesome saltwater fishing as well. There’s yellowfin tuna in the Cape, known as the “Infamous Fighter of the Cape”, tarpon off the West Coast, and some of the world’s largest Black Marlin have been caught off the East Coast of Africa. If its variety or fly fishing you after, it’s hard to beat the Mozambican and Seychelles atolls. When it comes to fresh water fishing, Nile perch and tiger fish are probably the main draw cards. There’s no place in the world where you can have a fishing safari, and have a chance to see elephants and other Big 5 species as you drift down the Zambezi River. Fly fishing for trout and yellow Fish are also some of the alternate options available. 

But whenever you go golden dorado fishing in Argentina, spinning for taimen in Siberia, or just take a short trip to the lake near home, you’ll enjoy the same level of convenience and support in the process of booking your fishing trip on BaitYourHook.com



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