Online Hunting Show 2021 virtual hunting show announcement

For years the marketing policy of outfitters in the hunting industry depended on the outdoor shows. The Great American Outdoor Show, the SCI and the DSC conventions in the USA, the IWA and the Jagd und Hund in Germany, and numerous other similar events worldwide were the meeting points between hunters and outfitters. 

The year 2020 dealt a hard blow to the industry, with many countries closing their borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and many hunters couldn’t come and participate in the hunts they booked, probably, many years before. Now, with the same forces cancelling the hunting shows, the outfitters find themselves in dire straits: their situation is already challenging, and now they can’t market their product, too!

The obvious answer to this plight is the Internet. If neither the hunters nor the outfitters can come to Dallas, both now can go online. has been one of the places that has been arranging such rendezvous since 2015. In fact, it can be said that our online marketplace works just like a big hunting show: the pages of the outfitters are like booths, and they can be contacted by “Contact Outfitter” button. But unlike a hunting show, the hunts are grouped by country, hunting method, animal, price, and a number of other categories. 

The additional advantages are that the outfitter can’t step away from their “booth”, or ignore you because they’re busy with another client. And under each hunt there are original, authentic reviews, left by hunters that hunted with that outfitter. On many occasions they are from clients that booked that hunt on, and if you read them, you’ll see that we don’t edit them, they present the genuine experience the hunter had. 

That’s why we decided to help our outfitters and help you find the hunt of your dreams: 

The Online Hunting Show! 

Obviously, the virtual hunting show can’t offer you that which has been the highest attraction for most show visitors: real-life, eye-to-eye communication, meeting of old friends, and everything like that. Nor can we offer you a chance to touch and feel the latest guns and gear. But, to think of it, the virtual format of a hunting show even has its advantages. No need to travel everywhere, no hotel rooms and junk food in the buffets, no entry fees and lines, no crowd and noise. Only you and the essential part of any hunting show ever: 

The best deals from the most trusted outfitters worldwide!

And you know what? The outfitters have always been saving their best dates, best hunts, and best prices for the show specials. But now, with no show fees, hotels and flight costs, they’ll be able to offer even better deals, and the hunters can get the best possible value



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