What can I hunt in spring

A black bear

When most people think of spring, they think of bright flowers, blooming trees, chatter of songbirds. But while we hunters enjoy these same images of spring, what brings a smile to our face is another hunting season is just around the corner! Spring turkey and black bear are prime contenders for the time and wallets of American hunters, but are there other options for spring hunting in North America and the rest of the world? You bet! Check out these wonderful opportunities to go hunting this spring.

Spring turkey hunts in North America

In North America turkeys are one of the most thought of and most affordable spring hunt. The thunder of a gobbler coming in to your call will get your heart beating and pump any remains of winter cabin fever right out of your veins! There are hunts available for all the different subspecies of turkey. From the four main sub-species of the Eastern, Merriam’s, Osceola and Rio Grande to the exotic Gould’s turkey of Mexico and the amazing Ocellated Turkey of Central America turkey hunts are a good affordable option for a spring hunt.  Read more about turkey hunting.

Wild turkey gobbler in spring
Who wouldn’t want to see such a magnificent gobbler in shotgun or bow range?

Turkeys are not the only magnificent bird hunts available in the spring though.

Capercaillie hunts in Europe

In Europe stalking the great Capercaillie can be as exciting and difficult as any big game hunt. You go into the Capercaillie’s lair in the still dark of early morning and listen for the Capercaillie’s call. Once he calls you begin your stalk only moving during his call. One wrong or miss-timed step and he’s gone leaving you humbled, frustrated, and yet smiling from your encounter. Combine that with Black Grouse and woodcock and you will have an epic spring hunt on your hands! Read more about Capercailie hunting.

Capercaillie cock doing a mating song
A capercaillie is the world’s biggest grouse and one of the most exquisitive trophies in the world of bird hunting

Spring black bear hunts

Whether done over bait, with hounds or spot and stalk, bear hunting can be another exciting remedy to your spring fever. Bear hunts can be much more affordable than many hunters realize. Black bears can be hunted across North America and hunts can be had for just over $1,000!  If you are into the chase and enjoy working with hunting dogs it is hard to beat following a pack of hounds on the track of a big black bear that culminates with either a bear up a tree or sometimes a face-to-face encounter. One of our favorite hunts is a spot and stalk hunt for black bears. But most of black bear hunts in spring are done by baiting. When bears emerge from their dens in the spring they have voracious appetites and will soon congregate on feed sites whether that be a natural mountain meadow, a man-made bait or a fresh grain field. Some hunts are conducted by sitting in a stand overlooking a bait site which usually ends up with some very up close and personal encounters. Read more about black bear baiting.

Black Bear
Many hunters prefer to hunt black bear in spring, not in the fall.

Brown bear hunting in the Old World

You move around to different vantage points and glass for bears feeding on the lush spring grasses or just traveling in search of females in the late spring rut. Once a bear is spotted you plan and try to execute your stalk to try and get a shot on your bruin. What many hunters don’t realize is spring bear hunts can be had in Europe as well and at very affordable prices. European brown bear hunts are available for just over $1500.00!  These are hunts conducted out of stands overlooking the spring oat fields and are very successful hunts. Read more about brown bear hunting in the old world!

Brown bear
In Europe and Asia spring season offers some of the most affordable opportunities for brown bear hunting.

Light Geese Conservation Order

North American light geese (Greater and Smaller Snow Goose and Ross’s Goose) are overpopulated. This causes great concerns of the environmentalists because of the great damage the birds do to fragile tundra vegetation. A special spring hunting season has been established, and hunting large flocks of snow geese in spring is a waterfowler’s dream hunt. Opportunities for goose hunting in spring exist in some Eastern European countries as well. Read more about light geese conservation order.

snow geese
Large flocks of snow geese are difficult to fool. It’s hard to have a successful hunt without experience and specialized equipment, so hiring a guide is a good idea.

Red deer roar in the Southern Hemisphere

If you can hardly wait for September to hear the Elk bugle again, bear in mind that spring in the Northern Hemisphere is fall in the Southern. The mighty Red Stags are roaring big time in spring in countries like AustraliaArgentina and New Zealand, and the price can be in the ballpark of a North American guided elk hunt. You can combine this hunt with other species of deer (such as Rusa and Sambar) or mountain game (like Tahr). High Volume doves can be another great adventure if your shoulder is up for it!

Red deer in New Zealand
Red deer ‘roar’ in New Zealand and Argentina usually starts in March


If bears and birds aren’t your thing or if you just desire something new or different an African safari might be just your ticket. Africa’s Dangerous game will gve you an adventure you will cherish the rest of your days. Whether stalking cape buffalo  sitting on a bait for leopard, lion, or crocodile or putting on miles on the tracks of a big elephant bull dangerous game will test your fortitude. Spring months work well for “plains game” hunts in most African countries. may well be the  and can be had for as low as a few hundred dollars for a one day hunt to $1400 for a 7 day 3 species Package Hunt. Read more on how to budget an African safari

African sunset
Africa is every hunter’s dream destination. And there are hunting opportunities in Africa for anyone who can afford to hunt at all!

So, the answer to the question “What can I hunt in spring?” is “Just about everything!”. If you are willing to travel to the other end of the world, that is. Most people think that hunting in a faraway land is only for the rich. But if you know where to look, you will find exciting adventures that are perfectly in the median household income budget (check out the story of one huntress who did!) BookYourHunt.com is there to help you get the best hunts at best prices, and nowhere else can you find a larger selection of spring hunts than on BookYourHunt.com!

Visit BookYourHunt to find your next dream hunt and enjoy the true beauty of spring!

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