How To Be The Best: First Awards of Excellence

8 random outfitters from the top list

When you arrive at your outfitter’s camp or lodge, do you immediately get the feeling of being where you belong? Or do you sometimes find yourself just staring around and wondering if that’s the right place for you? That hunt could be a dream you’ve cherished for years, a serious item in your annual budget, a boost of energy you need to last another year of hard work, and it would be a shame if it goes to nothing because of a wrong choice in an outfitter. Here’s a hint. If you see this here little plaque, you may cast your doubts aside – you’re at the right place!

The Award of Excellence is an official recognition of the quality and hard work of the best outfitters who are represented on the online marketplace. It is based on statistics gathered across a number of years and hunting seasons that sums up experiences of dozens of clients – not some kind of outdoor celebrities, but people like you, who just walked through the metaphorical door of the web site and booked their hunts.

All outfitters on are the real deal, and many can compete for the title of the ‘best’. Many have been hunted with by staff, who can give personal testimonies of the quality of their service. But the Award of Excellence is only given when we aren’t only certain, but have hardcore evidence that everything is going to work as smoothly and reliably as a custom M98 Mauser, to outfitters who are totally stable and dependable in delivering outstanding performance.

Here are the first eight outfitters to receive the 2017 Award of Excellence based on the average clients rating in 2017. More will follow:

Allout Outfitters

Allout Outfitter BookYourHunt consumer rating 9.7/10
A passionate outfitter from Colorado, offering mountain lion, elk, and mule deer hunts. In the woods year round, the owner and guides are constantly learning about the species they hunt and the country they hunt them in. They offer a few unique opportunities that will make your mouth water with the first lines of description, such as “Dry ground mountain lion hunt: “This hunt is primarily conducted off horses and mules. We ride deep into cougar country following travel ways and scrape lines left behind by giant toms” The elk hunts are fully furnished and 1 on 1 guided. 1 day scouting, 5 days hunting and 7 nights lodging. They also offer pack in services that will take you to areas inaccessible by vehicles.

Guide was very knowledgeable of area and animal hunted. 100 per cent effort was put in by guide and assistant. Very friendly family and accommodations were clean. Plenty of good food. – Anonymous.

Great Plains Outfitters

Great Plains Outfitters 9.2/10 consumer rating on BookYourHunt.comA full-time outfitting company from Wyoming that relies on two generations of experience outfitting throughout the West and takes pride on providing quality hunts for quality people. They offer an astonishing variety of Western hunts, from turkey, whitetail and mule deer, to antelope and  elk, bear and mountain lion, and even moose, and if you’ve been lucky with Wyoming sheep draw you definitely ought to consider them.

Excellent Hunting Adventure My son and I just completed a hunt for cow elk with Jen and Dirk. The accommodations were fantastic, the food was excellent, and the hunting experience was great. Jake and I both filled our tags on the first day of the hunt. We had to retrieve the meat on the next day due to the late time of the kill. Dirk went out of his way to make that happen, and get permission for us the be on a neighboring property to get my elk. If you are looking for a great hunt, and an excellent hunting experience Dirk and Jen will provide that for you. We will be hunting with them again in the future! Robert

La Griffe D’Ourse

La Griffe D'Ours 9.8/10 consumer rating on BookYourHunt.comThe French Canadian name is not the only thing that makes this Quebec outfitter unique.  They specialize in black bear hunts, and also offer American woodcock with pointing dogs. Yvon Champagne is a Certified Hunting Guide and has over 25 years of experience guiding hunters

Showed up as a customer and left as a life long friend! I have hunted black bears with Yvon and Phillip 9 times over the last 12 years. I promise you will not meet harder working guides, they hunt a lot of active baits and will do everything they can to put you on the bears. This hunt is afternoons only which gives you time to relax and enjoy the overall experience. Yvon and Phillip have an awesome sense of humor, so be prepared to have fun and laugh a lot. You will also gain a few pounds, the food is out of this world. I would recommend this experience to everyone. It’s a family friendly atmosphere so don’t hesitate to bring your spouse or kids. I will be hunting there again in 2019 with my son. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.– Mike

RackNine Outdoors

RackNine Outdoors consumer rating 9.7/10 on Racknine Outdoors manages and operates select locations in South Alabama, South Georgia and stunning Western Kentucky, and focuses on outdoorspeople looking for a relaxed yet professionally managed semi-guided hunt. Their pride is both wildlife management plans, and customer service and Southern hospitality. We offer prime Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Feral Hog, and many other hunting and shooting opportunities, as well as pre-season scouting trips, a great and economical way to view our properties and get a chance to meet us before booking your hunt! RackNine Outdoors also has military veterans and active duty specials.

Great trip! I took my 13 year old son for our first Turkey hunt. Terry and Stephanie made us feel at home as soon as we pulled into the driveway. Terry was very patient and took the time to educate us so we would be more successful when we traveled home and hunted by ourselves. Being able to watch my son bag his first long beard is something I will never forget! I have nothing negative to say. I am already checking the calendar for my next trip. – Tommy

Red Bluff Lodge

Red Bluff Lodge 9.1/10 consumer rating on BookYourHunt.comRed Bluff Lodge was founded in the Lowcountry of South Carolina in 1998 as a full-service shooting sports and hunting destination specializing in high quality deer, hog, alligator, and turkey hunts. They are special in that they offer a full range of services for the shooting enthusiast including firearm sales, gunsmithing, and firearms training in addition to hunting – perhaps one of the best places ever for a beginner; being a family business, Red Bluff Lodge welcomes family hunting groups. Their guests have harvested 4,750 white tail deer, 1,900 hogs, 180 alligators, and 260 gobblers since 1998.

Lifetime Memories Made I took my 13 year old son on his first big game hunt. The 3 nights we spent together in the woods will provide memories for a lifetime. The 186 lb. hog he took will feed our family for some time to come. – Scott

Red River Valley Outfitters

Red River Valley Outfitters 9.9/10 consumer rating on BookYourHunt.comThe Texas- based family owned and operated company offers whitetail deer, waterfowl, turkey and thermal hog hunts. John, the founder,  grew up as an avid hunter and outdoorsman ever since he could walk. Around early 2000, he started hunting in Texas and fell in love with the rugged and diverse terrain. Eventually he and his family moved to Texas and created RRVO, turning a passionate hobby into a livelihood. As die-hard hunters, Red River Valley understands what it takes to make a great hunt, and guarantees each & every hunter a real chance at a true trophy & go that extra mile to ensure an unforgettable hunt.

Awesome!!! John and his family really went above and beyond to keep us on Birds and made us feel like family. This was my first trip and I’m already working out the details for our next. The # of Turkeys is unreal and whitetail unlike I ever would of imagined for Texas. We truly left with new friends and our limit on turkeys!! Also after spending a couple days at the farm I can tell you one thing that sets John apart is his extreme passion for growing BIG BUCKS not just selling hunts. – Ryan.

Trail End Camp and Outfitters

Trail End Camp and Outfitters 9.8/10 consumer rating on BookYourHunt.comTrail’s End offers hunts in Manitoba for waterfowl and bears. You’ll live in new fully modern waterfront cabins along the scenic shoreline of the Winnipeg River and whether you come in spring or fall, you’ll have exceptional opportunities for Black Bears. The outfitter puts lots of effort in preparation done well in advance of your arrival to our camp, and each pair of hunters is provided with their own personal experienced guide, along with fully guided world class fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye and Small-Mouth Bass.

Pope and Young on my first trip out Hunting was incredible. Saw bears in every sit and had some wild experiences too. Saw a boar run a sow and Cubs 100ft up a tree, good mix between mature and young bears, and two monsters. Ended up with a 600+ lb, 7′ tall pope and young boar. My uncle got a nice boar and one guy in camp got a cinnamon. We fished every morning and every day (all day) after tagging out. Pike, huge walleye, and even a few good smallies. Accommodations were great. Significantly better than most hunt camps. Clean rooms and bedding, housekeeping, nice hot showers, and an unreal view. Food was incredible. Lots of game, local meats, and produce. Home cooked meals and we never went hungry. Everyone around camp is friendly, knowledgeable, and serious about your hunt and experience. Honestly have zero complaints. – Nic

Udell’s Guiding and Outfitting

Udell's Guiding and Outfitting 8.7/10 consumer rating on BookYourHunt.comThis outfitter offers trophy white-tailed deer hunts, mule deer hunts, moose hunts, elk hunts and black bear hunts in some of the prime hunting areas of Alberta, and can combine any of  hunts to build the hunting package you’ve always dreamed of. The owner guarantees he will do everything in his power to make your hunt a positive experience.

Safari style Winter hunt. Area hunted is remote, low mountainous bush with many gas & oil wells with lots of cut roads to glass. Only saw 4 other hunters for the week. Temperature was ~ 0F in the morning and 20 F hi during the day. Spent most of time in warm truck driving/glassing meadows and cut roads. A few times where we saw fresh moose tracks, we walked ~ 2 miles round trip to remote basins. Saw 8 cows & 1 small bull moose for the week in the hunting area. Shot the small 26″ bull on 2nd last day. Guide hunted hard from dawn to dusk. –  Roger

If you’re curious how the consumer rating is made, read this story

One thing that we at want to stress is that the eight outfitters listed above are not the only ones on our online marketplace that offer exceptional service. Many more are equally deserving of praise, and a second round of the Awards of Excellence is impending. Stay tuned – and have a good hunt!

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