The Weatherby Award: And the winner is… Jim Shockey!

Jim Shockey, co-founder, has been announced as the winner of perhaps the most coveted and difficult award in the hunting world – The Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award. He is now in the good company of hunting legends from Jack O’Connor to H.I.H. Prince Abdorreza Pahlavi, Herb W. Klein to Renee Snider. In the perfect world all we’d have to do was announce the occasion and send for the champagne. Unfortunately, today even some of the hunters need explaining what the award is, and why it matters.

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3 Years of Making Hunting Dreams Come True

The idea of an online marketplace where outfitters can offer their hunts, and hunters can find them and book directly, at the outfitter’s price, without any hidden or extra costs, is simple. Making it work is another story. Still, in all the three years has been seeing continuous growth.

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