Hunting in Poland: What you need to know

Whether stalking the roebuck in ate spring, listening to the hair-raising roar of red stags on a September morning, waiting for the flight of geese on a coastal lake, or thrilled by a big driven hunt for wild boar, hunting in Poland is an unforgettable adventure.

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two hunters in a canoe

Can I Have Both? How to combine a hunting and a fishing adventure: Tips from outfitters

Some men like a’fishin’, and some men like a’fowlin’, and many enjoy both. When it comes to booking a hunting trip, the question “perhaps I can fish there, too?” naturally arises. Since we’ve launched our sister website,, we have been interested in this topic, too. So, we asked some of the outfitters who offer the best of both worlds on for their opinions and tips on how to combine fishing and hunting in one journey.

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a beautiful bull elk

Elk Hunting in Canada: What You Need to Know. 

When the talk is about elk hunting, most people automatically think about one of the American Western states – Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming or New Mexico. But the opportunities to pursue the mountain monarchs also exist in Canada. British Columbia and Alberta offer not only healthy herds and decent trophy quality, but also lots of backcountry wilderness and OTC tag options. In fact, for a hunter looking for an opportunity outside their home state, the Maple Leaf Country may appear even more attractive than the US. Here’s what you need to know to start planning your first elk hunt in Canada.

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