Fantastic scenery of Wyoming

Wyoming’s Grizzly Season: The Why’s and Why-Not’s

It finally happened – for the first time in 44 years a grizzly hunting season is approved in the Lower 48. This story is looking into the most common arguments for and against the hunt. The very limited number of animals to be harvested, tough hunting regulations, on the one hand, and a likely though decrease of overall bear mortality with the legal season (due to improved attitude towards bears by locals, and decreased infanticide) make support the hunt.

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A male pronghorn antelope: a great hunting trophy

Target Pronghorn for Your First Western Hunt: Guest post by Ron Spomer

The pronghorn antelope is abundant in the American West, licenses and tags are readily available, and outfitted hunts much more affordable than elk or mule deer. On the other hand, pronghorn is a sharp-sighted and wary creature, making hunting one a real challenge. All this makes pronghorn, according to Ron Spomer, an ideal quarry for a first hunt in the American West. With tips on what rifle and cartridge to use, how to stalk pronghorn, how to choose an outfitter, and more.

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