Changes in kudu trophy fees

African Trophy Fees: The Past Century

After coming across a few old hunting price lists, it was interesting to compare how hunting prices, trends and hunt marketing has changed over the years since 1977. Unfortunately actual South African hunting prices are difficult to find until around 2005. We will take a look at the pricing trends of the Big 5, some special and most commonly hunted species in South Africa.  All prices were originally in SA Rand, but converted to US Dollar at historic rates. 

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On Guided Hunts

Many hunters would prefer a DIY hunt to a guided hunt, because it’s cheaper, and because to them it’s more satisfying to know that you owe the trophy to your effort only. But this choice is not always possible, and in any case there are many advantages with a guided hunt. Many hunters who swore they’d “never take a guided hunt!” are quickly won over to not only seeing the benefits a guided hunt may offer, they actually find they enjoy it immensely. You will be more likely to come back with a trophy, learn a few new tactics and tricks, and may form a lasting friendship. Check out a huge selection of guided hunts on 

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A sunset on a hunting safari in Africa

A Tip or Two. By Alex McDonald

Tipping during a hunting safari is a delicate question that is often a subject of heated discussions. Having been a client myself, been present during tipping in other outfitters operations, as well as the outfitter and PH in charge of the safaris, I have compiled a baseline overview of the discussion which may help you during your upcoming safari in Africa 

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