a sable antelope bull

The “Canned Hunt” Controversy

In the heated controversy surrounding the so-called “canned hunts” it’s easy to get confused. What precisely is a “canned hunt”, do their benefits outweigh their dangers, and how to tell an ethical high-fence hunt from a “canned” hunt.

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big old black bear

Black Bear: Bow or Gun?

If trophy pics at BookYourHunt.com are any indication, about 40% of hunters choose a bow over a rifle or shotgun to hunt black bear. What is the lure of archery hunting for black bears, how does the preference to bow change from East to West, and whether it works best for black bear hunting over bait, with hounds, or spot-and-stalk?

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The classic trek in a wagon was a slow and expensive business

The Golden Age of the Travelling Hunter

A lot of hunters envy Selous, Roosevelt, and other people who hunted in exotic countries years ago. But these hunters often forget that a century ago exotic hunting was something only a few very rich people could do. Today, with air travel and so on, hunting in Africa and other remote countries has become available to middle class, and in fact, all things considered, the golden age of the traveling hunter is now.

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light geese hunting

White Alert: Light Geese Hunting in North America

The failure of the Light Goose Conservation Order to reduce the number of geeseis a very important story. The general public mostly thinks of hunters as extermination machines who want nothing but to kill kill kill kill kill, and who would wipe out wildlife entirely down to the last quail hen on every each continent if the animal rights groups didn’t harass their Facebook pages. The truth is, when the biologists actually want hunters to exercise their alleged exterminating powers to stop the growth of an overpopulated species, oops! The power doesn’t seem to be there!

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Aleksei Agafonov, Jim Shockey, and Catherine McConnel: the BookYourHunt.com team at the hunting convention

BookYourHunt.com at SCI Annual Hunters’ Convention

For decades, Safari Club International has been on the forefront of what we often express today with the hashtag #huntingisconservation. The SCI annual convention is an opportunity for the hunters and industry stakeholders to meet, communicate, and make sure we’re on the same bandwidth regarding hunting, conservation, and hunting advocacy. BookYourHunt.com team were thrilled to see so many people come to Booth 3434, so many people interested in BookYourHunt.com, and willing to learn firsthand what makes our service special.

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