What We’ll Remember 2019 For

bookyourhunt stats 2019

Next time you go to Walmart.com, it could be like, baked beans – check, toothpaste – check, deer hunt – check… 

Jokes aside, one of the biggest results for BookYourHunt.com in 2019 was establishing a strategic partnership with many great companies and organizations, including the retail giant Walmart. And if you do your shopping online on Walmart.com, and surf their hunting section, you’re likely to see our product there. 

BookYourHunt.com continued its growth in 2019 and this includes the number of people who work to give you the best hunting experience. We welcomed many new fantastic people to our team, and opened a new office in Africa. The power of local knowledge can hardly be overestimated, and you’ll be hard pressed to find people who know more about hunting in Africa than Alex McDonald and Peter Ruddle. 


The African office is not only there to help international and local hunters find the best deal for their money, or for the landowners and outfitters to find more clients. It may open new and exciting hunting opportunities that were previously unavailable to international hunters. Stay tuned! 

The number of outfitters who join our marketplace, and the hunts they offer, continues to increase. But the most exciting thing is that more and more hunters are using the advantages of our online marketplace concept. The year isn’t over yet, but it can be safely said that in 2019 more than twice as many hunters booked their hunts on BookYourHunt.com than in 2018.  And, as far as we can judge from the reviews they leave on the site, we’re seeing a customer satisfaction level that’s unbelievably high. 

On the other hand, what’s so unbelievable about it? The hunters get to choose their hunts from outfitters that are vetted carefully before being admitted to the online marketplace. And all the hunts come with a Best Price Guarantee, so our clients get the best possible value. Why shouldn’t they be satisfied? The online marketplace model is only does what it’s supposed to do!

By the way, when a hunter posts a trophy picture, and when we have the permission to share it on social media, we do share it on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Search for #anotherhappyhunter hashtag, enjoy the stories of success, and get inspired for your next hunt (that you’ll hopefully book with BookYourHunt.com).

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In the meantime, we’ll get back to making BookYourHunt.com even better. No matter how successful the 2019 has been, you know very well that if you stop progressing, you’re getting worse. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans and ideas for 2020. Stay with us – you won’t regret it!   

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