A brown bear fishing for salmon on the Alsek River in Alaska

Adventure on the Alsek

I was hunting brown bear out of Yakutat, Alaska, with Gary Gray of Alsek River Lodge, and was guided on this hunt by Gary’s son, Wayne. When I lined up this hunt, my boss at
the time told me to be prepared for “ten days of boredom and thirty seconds of excitement.” As it turned out, that statement could not have been further from the truth.

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Two rams fighting for dominance

Does Hunting Have a Bad Effect on the Gene Pool?

Like many misconceptions about hunting, “it stands to reason”: hunters (especially trophy hunters) take the biggest and most beautiful male animals, so only those with “inferior genes” are left to reproduce, and it leads to “degradation” of the species. There’s been lots of alarmist cries about this, and even many hunters are concerned about possible harm. The concern is justified because we’re responsible for our wildlife, but studies show that nature doesn’t work this way. James R. Heffelfinger reviewed all available evidence in a totally awesome paper and concluded that hunting, as a rule, can’t really damage the gene pool. For those who don’t really care for academic prose, we offer a simple English explanation in this blog post.

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James Reed at the Wine, Wheels and Wildlife event

BookYourHunt.com goes Wine, Wheels and Wildlife

American hunters make a tremendous contribution to the nation’s environment protection and economy. The contribution runs far beyond the hunters’ proportion in the population. Now that hunting is increasingly under attack by forces using the ignorance of the urban majority, removed from the realities of life, hunters more than ever need proper representation in the democratic government process.

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Hunting cooking an animal over campfire

Nothing Wasted: The many sides of eating what you kill

Perhaps the most annoying misconception about hunting is that it is “a waste of animals”. Sometimes even hunters fall for this fallacy, especially when the conversation is about trophy hunting or any other type of hunting where a lot of birds and animals are taken in a short period of time. Let us assure you – “waste” and “hunting” don’t as a rule go together. Most animals that people hunt get consumed, one way or another. In fact, you’d be surprised to learn what some hunters dare to eat!

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Holland&Holland Royal Hammerless .470 Nitro Express double rifle

Our Favorite Guns

BookYourHunt.com was started for hunters by hunters, and like all hunters, the team members have their favorite weapons. These things are more than pieces of wood, metal and plastic, more than just tools of animal harvest. Their value exceeds the price you can get for them at a gun shop. Their value is boosted by memories and emotions that are attached to these guns, bows or knives.

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