BookYourHunt at the SCI Hunters’ Convention

Fellow hunters, huntresses and outfitters,

Join us in Las Vegas for the SCI Show – the most spectacular show in hunting. The world’s largest and fastest growing meetup welcomes domestic and international hunters as it open its doors to the world hunting community for the start of the 45th SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention.

The event will be held February 1-4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. And we have prepared something special for you – various hunting offers from outfitters worldwide: free youth hunts, group hunts, special discounts and many more. During the four days of the convention you can  book the best hunting adventures from all around the globe and all in one place – at BookYourHunt’s booth #2808 and on Besides, on Saturday, February 7, Jim Shockey, part of our team and a well-know hunter and conservationist, will join us for an hour to speak about the essence of hunting and hold a lottery with a very special present.

Show Special: European Bear Fall Hunt

Plan your next dream hunt, easily discover, book, and enjoy unique hunting opportunities around the world. Whether you are looking for a local hunting trip near home, a long-dreamed-of African safari, or a last-minute cancellation hunt at a discount, BookYourHunt connects its users to unique hunting opportunities, whatever their budgets, in more than 35 countries across 5 continents.

Show Special: Kuban & Mid-Caucasian Turs

All hunting offers on our platform are provided by qualified and professional outfitters. We pay special attention to the quality control of the outfitters’ services and collaborate closely with national Professional Hunting Associations and other regulatory authorities to provide trusted, legal, and transparent offers to our customers.

Show Special: Marco Polo Sheep

And most importantly – neither BookYourHunt nor the Outfitter charge commissions and thus the money you spend on the hunt is used for the excellent service you will enjoy from local people, for the protection and management of wildlife and for the wellbeing of the local communities and the wildlife population.

European Bison in Belarus

So whether you are an outfitter or a hunter, please, come visit us at the SCI Show, we will be happy to meet you!


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