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Dealing with BookYourHunt you always get the best price. But what does it actually mean? How much can you save? The best way to understand the value of a marketplace is to look at the special offers selected by BYH team for the US outdoor shows we are participating in.

The fact that all the hunting trips on BookYourHunt are developed by outfitters themselves and presented without a middleman, gives you access to exclusive first hand prices, some of which may be up to 50% less expensive than those you find in any hunting agencies. These savings combined with a great variety of destinations and species, excellent customer service and personal approach, make BookYourHunt a perfect starting point for your next hunting adventure. If this all sounds too good to be true, come and meet us in person by visiting our booths at Wild Sheep Foundation Convention in Reno, NV; SCI Show in Las Vegas, NV; and GAOS in Harrisburg, PA – America’s leading international hunting shows for hunters, outfitters, conservationists and outdoorsmen.

Hunters conquering the Canadian Rockies

“We’ll be offering exclusive deals, some of which are 50% cheaper than the ones you find anywhere else,” said Alex Agafonov, founder of BookYourHunt. “We are completely focused on providing best prices for our customers to help them achieve their dreams, improve their hunting experience, and reduce costs. We’re very excited about the many opportunities we have to showcase our exclusive offers developed together with hundreds of outfitters worldwide. We look forward to these shows as an opportunity to connect with customers and industry professionals.”

One of the key highlights of the 2017 shows for BookYourHunt is the opportunity to provide hunters with ways to make a difference and engage into wildlife conservation. For example, by purchasing a Bukharan Markhor Hunt in Tajikistan hunters can contribute to saving the snow leopard population of the region. Community based wildlife management in Tajikistan has become a world-known successful example of conservation success through sustainable hunting, which in 2014 was internationally recognized by receiving the prestigious CIC “Markhor Award”. Thanks to the conservation efforts by community-based conservancies, managed by local non-profits and small family enterprises and covering almost 1200 square miles (768,000 acres), populations of majestic Marco Polo sheep, Asiatic ibex, Bukhara urial and the most unique Bukhara markhor have been recovered to a level that allows for sport hunters to take unique and magnificent trophies while supporting conservation (especially conservation of the endangered snow leopard) and development of local rural communities!

Snow Leopard caught on trail camera in Tajikistan

Neither BookYourHunt nor the Outfitter charge commissions and thus the money you spend on the hunt is used for the excellent service you will enjoy from local people, for the protection and management of wildlife and for the wellbeing of the local communities!

«Only if hunting benefits those managing wildlife and motivates local community members by supporting rural development – such hunts can be called true conservation and fair chase» – H&CAT.

So come and visit BYH’s booths at the shows and you will have a chance to find your dream hunt and make a contribution to conservation through sustainable hunting.

Here is BookYourHunt’s exhibition schedule:

1. Wild Sheep Foundation Convention (Reno, NV): 19-21 January, booth #137;
2. SCI Show (Las Vegas, NV): 1-4 February, booth #2808;
3. Great American Outdoor Show (Harrisburg, PA): 4-12 February, booth #6530.

BookYourHunt US outdoor show schedule

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