BookYourHunt is going offline

The bookyourhunt team at one of the hunting shows

Don’t worry, the #1 Online Marketplace for hunting trips is still online of course but recently ventured offline as well for several of the USA’s biggest hunting shows.

Starting with the Wild Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada, then up to the Safari Club International show in Las Vegas, NV and finishing up last Sunday at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, BookYourHunt’s staff was here in person to meet with our clients.

Our good friend and partner Jim Shockey was in our booth at all three shows greeting his fans, talking hunting and taking pictures with the masses, including always making time for the next generation of hunters.

Jim Shockey having fun at the BYH booth talking to these young hunters from Maryland

Many new outfitters joined BookYourHunt at the shows adding to our extensive and ever growing selection of hunting offers. We now offer nearly 1800 hunts from 276 outfitters in 41 countries around the world.

The BookYourHunt booths were always busy and buzzing with excitement. One of the most fun things for our staff at the shows was seeing the surprise from hunters when they realized hunts they had only dreamed of could now become a reality. Hunters were very excited to see the show specials BookYourHunt was offering at each show. We have Kamchatka snow sheep hunts for $13,500 instead of normally over $20,000! Or European brown bear hunts for just $2500 (normally over $5500)! These hunts in Russia and Asia were extremely popular and resulted in several bookings with our vetted outfitters in these regions.

BookYourHunt works with the best Outfitters, some of them make beautiful jewelry

Due to BookYourHunt’s policy of putting hunters directly in contact with the outfitters, hunters can eliminate the middleman and thus cut out the “fat” from the prices. This definitely made BookYourHunt the buzz of many conversations at the shows! Offering better prices is not the only way BYH contributes to the world of hunting. We are also paying a great attention to and supporting conservation projects all over the planet. One example of this is our special promotion of community based hunts for Marco Polo and ibex in Tajikistan helped support a lot to local people and wildlife conservation projects in Tajikistan.

Jim Shockey inspiring young hunters to be kind and love nature

It was a great time at the shows and we want to thank all our clients and outfitters, all friends new and old who came by to see us at the shows. As a BIG Thank you to all of our clients we have decided to extend the deadline of our Special Offers until the end of February. Just go to the website, see ALL of our great hunt offers online and book your dream hunt on BookYourHunt, the world’s number one hunting trip marketplace.

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