Discovering Russia: Central and Eastern Siberia

Excellent point for spotting snow sheep


The biggest region of Russia, Yakutia is the eighth largest territory in the world. If the federal subjects of Russia were compared with other countries Yakutia alone is larger than Argentina and a bit smaller than India. It is well-known thanks to the rural locality of Oymyakon, also called Northern Pole of Cold. In 1924 a temperature of −71.2 °C (−96 °F) was recorded in Oymyakon. That is the lowest temperature ever recorded in a habitat center. Only Antarctica has recorded lower official temperatures (the lowest being −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F), recorded at Vostok Station on 21 July 1983.)

Snow sheep country's scenery
Snow sheep country’s scenery

Most of the territory covered by lowlands with a variety of rivers and lakes. As a result, great fishing is all but guaranteed for every fisherman. This includes the king of Siberian rivers – taimen trout, biggest pikes in the whole of Russia. Trophy hunters won’t be disappointed either because of  an unbelievable variety of game. Yakutia snow sheep, East-Siberian brown bear, Yakutia moose, Mountain and woodland caribou can all be hunted during the same trip. Some lucky hunters may be fortunate enough to even harvest Polar wolves.

Yakutia snow sheep

There are 5 species of snow sheep in Russia. Yakutia snow sheep can be shot in the same-named republic. Locals call snow sheep “Chubuku” (stress is in the middle). Snow sheep inhabit isolated territories in the North-East of the republic, which are very hard to access.  This allows a big and stable population of them with amazing trophy characteristics. Yakutia snow sheep have the most massive horns of all the species of snow sheep in Russia. Hunting for this species is considered to be a real adventure for even the toughest of hunters. Hunting season starts in early August (considered to be the best time for hunting)  and runs until the middle of November.  Hunters who come in September can add many other species to their hunt. It is rare to find a destination which provides such a variety of game available to hunt.  

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Spooked herd of Yakutia snow sheep
Spooked herd of Yakutia snow sheep

Krasnoyarsk krai

Krasnoyarsk krai is located in the center of Siberia and slightly smaller than Yakutia republic. This region is famous for trophy hunting as well. One can hunt for maral stag, Siberian brown bear, Siberian roe deer, wolf, and wolverine.

The Aborigines Of Siberia
The Aborigines Of Siberia

A maral stag hunt during the mating season is considered to be one of the most interesting hunts of the Fall season. In the middle of September maral males begin roaring in the evening, serenading their females and  challenging their competitors in a show of dominance. The colder the weather is, the more intensive the roaring is. Imagine a wonderful sunset in the majestic Yakutia mountains listening to the guttural roar of the stags. This is an unforgettable scene for all the fortunate hunters who have experienced this hunt.

Here is a maral stag hunt, which takes place in the mating time.

Siberian brown bear

Siberian brown bear is one of the most sought-after species among hunters all over the world. The SCI record book has its own definition of Siberian brown bear consisting of – species inhabiting the territory from the right bank of Yenisey river to the coast of the Okhotsk sea. European hunters classify Siberian brown bears as ranging from Ural mountains to the coast of Okhotsk sea.

There are several different methods of hunting for Siberian brown bear:

  • Bait hunting in spring from middle of April to the beginning of June;
  • Spot and stalk hunting in Fall beginning from mid-August to mid-October;
  • Den hunting till November 30.

All of these methods of hunting are different by their specific features but it makes each of them an unforgettable adventure for any hunter!

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Siberian brown bear coming to the bait
Siberian brown bear coming to the bait


Are you ready to discover Siberia? Most people start shivering when they just hear the mention of the word Siberia. This is your chance to prove to yourself and others that you have the toughness it takes to hunt Siberia. This accomplishment will fill your lifetime memories and rise you above the rest.

Treasures of Russia are increased by Siberia
Treasures of Russia are increased by Siberia

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