Discovering Russia: European part of Russia

The European part of Russia goes from the western border east to the Ural mountains. It’s a comparatively small part of Russia but offers an amazing variety of hunting. Here are some of the most popular options.

Capercaillie hunting

A Capercaillie singing in the tree with a sunrise background is considered to be a symbol of Russian spring. The Capercaillie is one of the most ancient birds on Earth. Hunting Capercaillie looks simple but in reality is very challenging. Overconfidence can lead to failure. A hunter should be seriously prepared for this hunt. A hunter approaches a singing bird in the darkness, stalking in as close as possible without any the slightest sound. Piece of cake you think? Don’t be so confident if you don’t want to go back home without a trophy. There are several regions offering capercaillie spring hunting from 200 to 1.000 km from Moscow. There are a variety of hunting terms and cost.

Accommodations vary as well. You can learn more on our capercaillie page

Capercaillie: dream of every hunter
Dream of every hunter


European brown bear hunting

This bear specie is the smallest among the brown bears in Russia. This hunt is more affordable in cost and location from Moscow. There are 2 main methods of European brown bear hunting: bait hunting and hunting over the oat fields. Bait hunting is mostly done in spring and oat field hunting is done in the fall. Average size of these bears is from 170 to 190 cm with occasional 200 and 215 cm trophies. Smaller in stature than other brown bears but they are still brown bears and a magnificent animal. BookYourHunt has offers including one bear trophy from $1,200 to $2,000. Visit bear hunting page on our site to learn more. 

European moose hunting

The most exciting method of hunting for European moose is during the mating season in the middle of September. Experience the excitement of hunting a rut crazed bull moose with pricing as low as $1,100 to $1,300! Really affordable and classic Fall hunting in Russia.

Moose: truly magnificent animal
Truly magnificent animal


Another important advantage to be considered of hunting in European part of Russia besides the affordable pricing is a hunter can reach the hunting area in any region there by night train or short domestic flight.  

A hunter is able to combine various species during the same trip but it’s always advised to discuss all these options with the outfitters.

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