Over 400 Outfitters Have Joined BookYourHunt

400 outfitters on BookYourHunt.com

Yes, there are over 400 outfitters in our catalogue now! Let us tell you what it means to you, and why it’s much more than a milestone for us.

The first one is rather obvious. BookYourHunt.com is an online marketplace for selling hunting trips, and the more choice you have, the better deal you can find. But BookYourHunt.com is not another online catalogue – it is the most trusted outdoor marketplace in the Internet. So, while simply enrolling a lot of outfitters wouldn’t be that hard, the thing is that BookYourHunt.com is very selective.

Our mission is not only to help hunters and outfitters connect easily, but also to improve the industry’s standards of transparency and honesty, and to promote sustainable use and conservation through hunting.

Not everyone, unfortunately, can live up to the standard, and those who can’t simply don’t belong on BookYourHunt.com. This is why we’re so happy to see so many people are perfectly capable of delivering a good, honest, well-priced service.

Fair” is a word that has a very strong meaning for BookYourHunt.

Both as in “fair chase” during the hunt, and in getting a fair and square deal between the hunter and the outfitter. A good, honest business has very little to hide – except, perhaps, a few tricks of the trade – and all business at BookYourHunt.com is done in the most transparent manner possible. We don’t hide our outfitter’s identity because we want you to know who you are booking with, their history and customer reviews. This includes customer’s testimonials, which can be viewed on the outfitter’s pages as you consider your hunt, and an opportunity to communicate with them directly.

We’re immensely pleased that our outfitters come highly recommended, and that so many are willing to work in our transparent mode.

Outfitters seldom get rich by outfitting, it is usually a labor of love for the lifestyle and nature. The hunting season, when money comes in, is short, but the hard work training dogs, laying bait, blazing trails, fixing cabins, learning the lore of nature, and doing the other 995 little jobs that make your dream hunt come true continues year round. This said,

outfitters seldom can afford to spend as much time and money on promoting their hunts as needed.

And here is where BookYourHunt.com comes to their assistance, delivering their message to exactly the right audience with personalized subscriptions, social media posts and other tools such as personal preference setting right at their fingertips.

BookYourHunt feels very strongly that hunting must be conducted ethically and for conservation, and recognizes the principle role that outfitters play in that.

Outfitters are more interested in preservation of wilderness than any other group – for an average so-called “nature lover”, a tract of hunting grounds be less real than the map of Tolkien’s Middlearth; for an outfitter it’s their blood and life, something they’ve taken a custody on. Many species in many areas (such as Markhor in Tajikistan) depend only on trophy-funded conservation programs, without any alternative.

Each hunter that travels to responsible outfitters running a fair-chase, sustainable operation, is an investment into our wildlife’s survival.

BookYourHunt.com is a business, of course, we expect to make a profit at the end. But our way to make it is to give hunters a better deal: you get your hunt cheaper by getting rid of the middlemen, and yet your booking comes with a better guarantee than with any intermediary.

Including our Best Price Guarantee, which makes sure the price you pay will be as low or lower than you can find the same hunt anywhere else.

This creates a win-win situation. You, the client, can get a better deal, find the hunt of your dreams for less, and hunt more often. Outfitters get more clients, and the wilderness gets more funds for its protection.

Not everyone recognizes, sadly, how much the hunting industry does for conservation, and it is increasingly under attack from various sides.

Our outfitters know more about their land than a whole biology department, but they can’t spend any time fighting keyboard warriors who accuse them of every mortal sin in Treehugging 101.

They’re too busy fixing the plumbing at the lodge, setting trail cams, and removing poachers’ snares. BookYourHunt.com will stand for them every time they’re under attack, like we did with the British Columbia’s “grizzly hunting ban” issue, and support the cause we feel is just and fair.

BookYourHunt sponsors and are partners with many conservation and guide outfitters associations including Boone and Crockett Club, Wild Sheep Foundation, Guide Outfitter Association of British Columbia, Alaska Professional Hunter Association, Professional Hunter Association of South Africa, Namibian Professional Hunting Association and many more associations worldwide.

The question “how many outfitters we work with” is not only about the number of options we can give you.

It also means that more and more outfitters share the same values, believe in what we do, and feel the benefit of our service. It’s the sign that we’re on the right track. That’s why this milestone is so important for us at BookYourHunt, and that’s why we’ll keep on striving to set our sights even higher! How long do you think it’ll take us to reach 500+?

Thank you for your trust, and if you haven’t joined BookYourHunt yet, either as a hunter or an outfitter, now’s the time!


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