Introducing the Personal Recommendations feature.

Focused. Personal. Trouble-free. Three words that describe a great hunting experience, and the way we want your experience with BookYourHunt to be. That’s why we’re introducing our new Personal Recommendations feature.

From now on, every time you visit BookYourHunt, you’ll see more and more hunts that are interesting to you, and not some imaginary “average consumer”. And that’s not only because the number of outfitters that are joining us keep growing. It’s because we’re getting to know you better, your preferences, likes and dislikes, with every step you take on  BookYourHunt and tailoring your BookYourHunt experience specifically for you.


Your hunt is a very personal encounter with nature, and we want your experience with BookYourHunt to be personal too.


Let’s say you’re from NYC, mostly hunt white-tailed deer and black bear on the East Coast, but plan to try out elk and mule deer hunting in the Rockies. Also though you don’t really have time for a lengthy trip, you do travel to Europe on business occasionally, and have been wondering whether you can do a little hunting while over there as well. Then next time you log onto BookYourHunt, it takes your breath away – there’s a great offer for stag hunting in Poland, and it coincides with your next business trip to Warsaw, there’s a black bear hunt in Maine with a price tag that looks too good to be true, and also a really interesting combination hunt in Wyoming.


No, actually, you told us.

Let’s suppose you’re on BookYourHunt, searching for some species and locations (and passing others by), clicking on some outfitters’ offers (but not all), adding some trips to favorites and creating email alerts for others. You’ve left a reference for your favorite guide, studied a few elk hunting offers, and clicked on Poland in the list of the countries. Then a telephone call interrupted your quest, or it was simply time to go to bed, and you logged out. But the BookYourHunt system continued your search, sorting through our 2300+ offers according to the preferences you indicated. Then, to save your valuable time, it created a personal start page for your next visit, matching your views on what makes a great hunt for you.

This means when you get on BookYourHunt you’re not going to see the hunts that you don’t find relevant. Don’t worry, they won’t be gone completely – so if you’re ever grow restless and have time and funds to discover Africa or some other destination, the best BookYourHunt has to offer will be waiting. But in the meantime BookYourHunt will assist you not to be distracted by offers that don’t exactly match your personal preferences. That will help you keep focused on the hunts that interest you, the hunts you can afford, the hunts you want to go for.


The trouble-free feeling that a good hunt gives you begins with BookYourHunt.


Your dream hunt is out there, waiting for you on BookYourHunt. Last time we checked, we had over 2,300 hunt offers in the system, but by the time you read this the number might grow to 3,000 or more. We at BookYourHunt want your quest for your dream hunt to be as trouble-free as possible, and that’s why we continually develop all these features for you, such as chat, subscriptions, favorites, and now personal recommendations. And let’s make one thing clear. All choices you make at BookYourHunts are your choices. We’re not like some other online platforms, we don’t want to make your decisions for you. Whatever we do, you stay in charge.

Of course, all of this only works if you’re registered on BookYourHunt.  So, if you haven’t set up your account yet, now is just the time to do it!

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