2300+ hunts now on BookYourHunt!

How big is that?

5,000 rifle shots. 8,000 shotgun shells. 1,700 arrows. 40,000 miles of walking and stalking, 1,300 snow-covered peaks, 10,000 sunrises and sunsets. 43 countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe, 242 species from aardvark to zebra. Over 2,300 tickets to adventure, with prices from $130 for dove and goose to over $40K for forest elephant.

Not counting the incalculable: Immeasurable impressions. Priceless memories. Invaluable experience. Trust.

2605 2300 hunts2

What the growing number of offers on BookYourHunt tells us is that more and more outfitters put their trust in our ability to help them attract new clients, generate the funds for poacher control, habitat preservation, and sustainable use of their land. And this, in turn, means they’re satisfied with the number and quality of clients we send their way – which tells us we’re on the right track. And this is good to you, whoever you are.

BookYourHunt is a win-win scheme for everyone. If you’re a hunter, you benefit from more choice and higher competition, which translates into more attractive offers, guaranteed to be the best deals on the market. If you’re the outfitter, you benefit from a transparent and risk-free way of selling your service. Even if you’re neither one nor the other, you benefit from preservation of wilderness performed by the outfitters and funded by the hunters – because BookYourHunt supports only sustainable and fair-chase hunting. Every new hunter and every new outfitter who joins our platform prove we’re for real.

2605 2300hunts3

But the growth is also a challenge. With such a variety of offers – and we hope there’ll be more and more of it – how do we make sure that you, the client, will not be lost in the maze? We the BookYourHunt team are doing our best to ensure the perfect match between you the client and you the outfitter. We’ve launched a chat service to help the client and the outfitter communicate directly, or get in touch with our support team (things happen, but help we sort them out).  There’s a favorites feature that stores the offers you liked, and the subscription service that mails you the newest and hottest deals. Finally, the new personal recommendations feature helps you filter out the hunts that may be interesting for someone else but not for you.

So why don’t you join our platform to take advantage of 2,300+ options to explore world’s premier hunting grounds and harvest the trophy of your dreams – or present your offer to thousands of potential clients worldwide?

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