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Hunting Lease Program Five Years of Looking into the Future Like a big hunting show. Only better.

BookYourHunt Africa: Opening New Horizons

Hunting for the Perfect Hunt: A personal touch

7 Steps to Adventure: Buying and Using the Gift Card

How To Find The Best Hunt: Tips for using the Hunting Map

How To Be The Best: First Awards of Excellence

Stars, Numbers, and Everything Else You Need to Know about Outfitter Rating

6 Questions About (that you probably got wrong)

Our Favorite Guns

Introducing the Personal Recommendations feature

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“Industry Disruptor” by Barbara Crown

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BookYourHunt is pleased to announce its partnership with Nordic Safari Club.

True hunting story about one real booking

The sky’s the limit: new BookYourHunt features

Jim Shockey explains the best way to find a perfect hunt

An anti-poaching team patrolling the perimeter

Hunting Industry and Conservation

Why are Eastern Turkey Numbers Declining (and can hunters do anything about it)?

Africa’s Conservation Model Under Threat by Peter Ruddle

Hunting Prices in South Africa: Book your hunt early in 2021 to avoid disappointment
by Peter Ruddle

Hunting as a Wildlife Management Tool. By Cleve Cheney

Hunting after COVID-19: Survey Results Inspire Optimism

Sell the Experience: How to Take the Hunting Industry to the XXII Century

COVID-19 and the hunting industry

Beat a Ban: Is 3D Printing an option for trophy import restrictions? by Peter Ruddle

The “Canned Hunt” Controversy

Poaching: Understanding the Threat

International vs Local: Why do international hunters pay more to hunt than local hunters?

The Weatherby Award: And the winner is… Jim Shockey!

Wyoming’s Grizzly Season: The Why’s and Why-Not’s

Does Hunting Have a Bad Effect on the Gene Pool?

Let’s Talk about our Feelings: The Ban on Trophy Hunting for Grizzlies in British Columbia

How Hunters Saved Markhor in Tajikistan

IUCN and WWF spoke in favor of hunting – it does benefit wildlife!

Is There A Future For Hunting? Boone and Crockett Club Says Yes!

The future of wildlife in the hands of local communities. Case: Tajikistan.

A night cap

Hunting Stories

Mountain Game of Leopard’s Valley. By James Reed

Horseback Hunting in the KwaZulu-Natal Mountains. By Willem du Plessis

Bulls of the Last Frontier: A hunt for caribou in the Alaskan wilderness By James Reed

The Dundee Monster By Paul Zorn

The Prince of the River By Malcolm McDonald

Barbary Bighorns of West Texas By James Reed

The End of a Monarch. By Sandy McDonald By Sandy McDonald

He Didn’t See It Coming… A Hunter’s Christmas

Adventure at Karrekloof  By James Reed

Skookum Rams of the Brooks Range By James Reed

Two Days Deer Stalking in Britain by Dom Moore

The Lion’s Breath by Aleksei Agafonov

Africa on High: A backpack hunt for plains game in the Gamsberg Mountains of Namibia by James Reed

One Shot, One Memorable Experience in Kansas Turkey Hunting with a Vintage Shotgun by Michael G. Sabbeth

The Spotted Houdini by James Reed

Adventure on the Alsek by James Reed

A Perfect Elk Hunt by James Reed

In the Shadows of the Ancients: Chasing Eland in South Africa by James Reed

A Marco Polo Hunt by John Baker

Staredown with the Devil By James Reed

Forty Years Quest By James Reed

The Watcher by James Reed

The Bulls of Marromeu by James Reed

Slugging the Hulk by James Reed

Lost in New Zealand by James Reed

a child in a field looking through binoculars

Hunting 101

Hunting 101: What do I need to start?

On Guided Hunts

Is There Such a Thing as an Over-the-Counter Sheep Hunt that Won’t Break the Bank?

What Can I Hunt in Spring?

What Can You Hunt THIS Spring?

Meat Hunts

A Tip or Two by Alex McDonald

When to Hunt and Shoot? by Martin Hunt

The Art and Science of Hunting: Reading the Wind by Cleve Cheney

A Few Thoughts on Hunting with Night Sights Gear List: 1. Mountain Hunt in North America

Hunt, Not Harass: 3 reasons why put a suppressor on your rifle

A Heritage of the Renaissance: The origin and appeal of hunting over pointing dogs

Small Felines. Part I: Genus Lynx

Small Felines. Part II: Africa

‘Gator and Croc

Wolverine: The Real Superhero

Big Dog and Little Dog: Grey Wolf and Coyote


The Opening Day: The Festival is Gone. Long Live the Festival!

Waterfowl Locally

The Pheasant Journey

12 and One Best Blogs, Forums, and Websites for a Hunter

Nothing Wasted: The many sides of eating what you kill

Why Take a Child Hunting?

Most Dangerous Animals

Come together: How to combine hunting and a family vacation

Safe and happy: Lifehacks for hunters

hunting in North America

Hunting in North America

Three Reasons to Hunt in the USA

Three More Reasons to Hunt in the USA

Three Reasons to Hunt in Canada

Elk Tags Over the Counter

With Hounds after Black Bear: A Conversation with an Outfitter

Hunting in Maine

2021 Heads Up: Draw Applications, OTC Tags and Preference Points for Most Popular Western States

Handguns in the Backcountry: What, when, and why professional guides carry, and should you?

Some Outlook for the 2021 Spring Turkey Season

California Hunting

Moose Hunting in the Lower 48: Problems and Opportunities

Deer Hunting in Texas

Best Outfitters’ Bear Baiting Tips and Techniques

Moose Hunting in Alaska. A conversation with an outfitter

Eight Questions about Mule Deer Hunting Answered by Guides and Outfitters

Hunting in Idaho: The undiscovered gem of the West?

Wilderness, Limited Draw, and Bipolar Weather: What you need to know about hunting in Wyoming

Elk Hunting in Idaho: What you need to know

Elk Hunting in Montana: What you need to know 

Elk Hunting in Colorado: What you need to know

Great Expectations: Whitetail Season Forecast for ’19/’20

Why Don’t Americans Use Over/Unders for Turkey Hunting?

Black Bear: Bow or Gun?

Turkey: All about All-American Game Bird

When Does the Deer Season Open in 2018 – Dates for All 50 States

Bugle: The Call of the Elk

Target Pronghorn for Your First Western Hunt by Ron Spomer

How Many Kinds of Deer Are There in North America?

White Alert: Light Geese Hunting in North America

Pronghorn: The Awesome Non-Antelope

Cats, Dogs and Mixed Emotions: Hunting Mountain Lions with Hounds

15 namibia 1.jpg

Your First African Safari

Planning Your First Hunt in Africa: Where to go?

Planning Your First Hunt in Africa: Preparation

Planning Your First Hunt in Africa: Choice of Outfitter Gear List: 2. Your African Kit

Planning Your First Hunt in Africa: Packing Up

Planning Your First Hunt in Africa: Travel

To Africa with Guns: All You Need to Know About Bringing in the Firearms for Your Safari

3 Reasons to Hunt in Zimbabwe

3 Reasons to Hunt in Namibia

3 Reasons to Hunt in Tanzania

3 Reasons to Hunt in South Africa

How to choose a hunting trip to Africa: Notes of an amateur hunter

Your Trophy Is Your Memory: Wise Taxidermy Choices for an African Hunt

a pride of lions attacking a buffalo

More on Hunting in Africa

Warthog and Warthog Hunting by Peter Ruddle

What on Earth is “Veld”? by Peter Ruddle

Blesbok and Blesbok Hunting by Peter Ruddle

Americans and Travel to South Africa

Impala Hunting in Southern and Eastern Africa by Peter Ruddle

African Trophy Fees: The Past Century by Peter Ruddle

The Evolution of High Fences in South Africa by Peter Ruddle

Hunting Associations of South Africa by Peter Ruddle

What We Do In Africa

Botswana’s Elephant Crisis

Giraffe and Giraffe Hunting in South Africa. By Peter Ruddle

Leopard and Leopard Hunting in Africa. Part I: Threats, Habits, Where and When by Peter Ruddle

Leopard and Leopard Hunting in Africa. Part II: Hunting tips by Peter Ruddle

What Kudu Is That? (Cape, Southern Greater, or… ?) by Peter Ruddle

Cape Eland Hunting in Southern Africa by Peter Ruddle

Nyala and Nyala Hunting in South Africa by Peter Ruddle

The Desert Oryx: Gemsbok and Gemsbok Hunting by Peter Ruddle

Cape Buffalo Hunting in Southern and Eastern Africa by Peter Ruddle

Hunting the Common Waterbuck by Peter Ruddle

Kudu and Kudu Hunting in Africa by Peter Ruddle

Suni Hunting in Southern and Eastern Africa by Peter Ruddle

The Prince of Africa: Sable and Sable Hunting by Peter Ruddle

Bushpig Hunting in South Africa by Peter Ruddle

South Africa’s Top 5: Are you ready for the challenge?

Why Does the Zebra Have the Stripes?

Africa’s Number One: Impala

A Poor Man’s Buffalo? Wildebeest and Wildebeest Hunting

Immersion Into the Past: Crocodile Hunting 

For Whom the Horn Blows? Hunting African Leopards with Hounds

Bowhunting the Green Hills of Africa

Hunting around the world

Hunting Around the World

Hunting the World: Choose Your Continent!

Wolf in Western Europe: Is There a Place for the Predator

A Bit on Bears: Diet, behavior and distribution of the Brown/Grizzly Bear

The Real Bambi: Roe Deer and Roe Deer Hunting

Uzbekistan: A New Destination on Map

Yucatan: Adventure in the Land of the Maya

From By-Inch to Flat Fee: Good News from Belarus

Brocket Deer: Americas’ Most Mysterious Deer

Bowhunting in Russia? Not yet! (UPD: Now you can)

Wild Boar Hunting in Europe

Flagging: A Russian Classic Wolf Hunt

Monteria: Hunting like a king!

To the Roots of Mountain Hunting: Americans in the mountains of Tajikistan

To the Roots of Mountain Hunting: Part II

The Quiet Call of the Biggest Grouse

Do Tigers Call Deer? 7 Facts a Hunter Must Know About Primorye

To Russia with Guns: red tape is not so red as it is painted

How to Survive High-Volume Dove Shooting in Argentina

From Europe to Kamchatka: Seven Options for Bear Hunting in Russia

Hunting on the Side: Three Ways to Add Variety to Your Russian Capercaillie and Black Grouse Hunt

Kamchatka Bear Hunt: Spring or Fall?

Hunting Kamchatka Snow Sheep: All you need to know

3 Reasons to Hunt in Turkey

3 Reasons to Hunt in Tajikistan

3 Reasons to Hunt in Russia

3 Reasons to Hunt in Argentina

3 reasons to hunt in New Zealand

Discovering Russia: European part of Russia

Discovering Russia: Central and Eastern Siberia

Discovering Russia: Kamchatka

Old color drawing of hunting in India XIX century

History of Hunting

The First Safari Book: Cornwallis Harris’s “Wild Sports of Southern Africa”

Hunting in Northern China

Good Times, Bad Times: Springbok hunting in Gordon-Cumming’s “Five Years in South Africa” and today

“Karamojo” Bell on Rifles: In His Own Words

Of Moose and the Difference between Market and Trophy Hunters: a Tale from XIX century Canada

Two Dianas in Somaliland: The First Lion Hunt

The Maharaja of Cooch-Behar, or, Why is there no hunting in India?

Inspirational and Motivational

Cast and Blast Tours: Five best options for those who are after the best of both worlds

Ever Wondered Why Hunters Want to Wander? by Karen Seginak

Camps, Castles and Campfires

The Golden Age of the Travelling Hunter

Does Your Dad Have a Dream?

Roosevelt Did’t Have Air Conditioning

Why Travel to Hunt?

The bookyourhunt team at one of the hunting shows

BookYourHunt Chroncles

Our Top 5: Most Popular Blogs, Destinations, and Animals in 2020

Hello, 2021, Goodbye, 2020!

Oops, We Did It Again!

What We’ll Remember 2019 For

The New Year Message: Do Not Repeat Our Mistakes!

Will Soccer Kick Up Hunting Tourism in Russia?

3 Years of Making Hunting Dreams Come True

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Season’s Greetings

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Hunting conventions in America and Europe

Recognition from PHASA

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