Complete Success! Facts and figures about the 2nd Online Hunting Show

It has been only the second time that ran the Online Hunting Show, and we’re pleased to report that our show has been a complete success.

Here are a few stats for the show. The total value of the hunts sold during the show exceeded 1,1 million US dollars. The most expensive hunt sold during the online show was a Marco Polo and ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan valued $62,000.

The destinations for just over half of the hunts booked at the online show – 53%, to be exact – are in North America. As for other destinations, 20% of the hunts sold are in Europe, 9% in Asia, 7% in Africa, 7% in South America, and 4% in New Zealand. We don’t know how this compares with the figures for sales on traditional hunting shows, but it looks like the interest in international hunting adventures is still there in spite of all global challenges.

Sometimes this interest takes unpredictable forms. Among the special offers that our outfitters made for the Online Hunting Show there was an one-horned oryx hunt in Texas, priced at  $1,500. To be honest, we weren’t sure this hunt could appeal to many people. In reality, it was sold in the first 20 min after the show was officially open, and became the very first hunt sold on it! We officially declare it the Deal of the Show, and wish our quickest hunter a success.

Some hunters are luckier than others, however. All hunters that booked hunts on our Online Show were entered in a draw for a gift certificate worth $1,000 that can be used to pay for any hunt posted on The draw took place a week after the end of the show, to give those hunters who had started the bookings in the last days of the show to finalize the process and participate. The lucky winner prefers to remain anonymous, but is enthusiastic about the gift card and is already planning his next adventure. We sent our best wishes along!

The show is over, but is still there for you. We’ve always been saying that our online marketplace is like a big hunting show, only better. You find the best deals and most trusted outfitters selected in one place – with none of the disadvantages of a traditional show: no need to travel, no hotels, no meals, no waiting lines, no crowds. If you’ve been to one of the shows that took place this winter, and have visited our online hunting show, you can see for yourself. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! 

We hope that this hunt, as well as all other hunts sold at the Online Hunting Show, will bring the lucky hunters outstanding impressions and ever-lasting memories. Thank you, all the wonderful people who visited our page, the outfitters who created show specials, and all the hunters and outfitters in the world. We’re looking forward already to the Third Online Hunting Show – see you all there! 


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