Moose meat and head packed out by boat

Meat Hunts

Meat! This is the most important result of any hunt. In fact, every hunt is a meat hunt: the animals that are harvested during a ‘trophy’ hunt are always utilized, one way or another. This post explains what is “meat hunt” from the point of view of the hunting industry.

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BookYourHunt Africa: Opening New Horizons

Hunting on the southern end of the African continent has always been about moving forward to new horizons: long treks to uncharted areas in ox-drawn wagons in the XVI-XIX centuries; creating flourishing hunting grounds on lands that seemed to be hopelessly ‘civilized’ in the XXth. Now, as the African hunting industry breaks into the digital age, is moving on to create a dedicated African office. Powered by exceptionally competent staff, with immense hands-on experience and local knowledge, it will help you find the best and most affordable hunting opportunities – including some you never knew existed!

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a small herd of springbok

Good Times, Bad Times: Springbok hunting in Gordon-Cumming’s “Five Years in South Africa” and today

“The springbok is so termed by the colonists on account of its peculiar habit of springing or taking extraordinary bounds, rising to an incredible height in the air, when pursued”, wrote Roualeyn Gordon-Cumming in “Five Years of a Hunter’s Life in the Far Interior of South Africa”. The graceful antelope that has become the symbol of South Africa once covered the plains with its innumerable herds. Today it is mostly found on game farms, hunting concessions, national parks and protected areas, and the impressive “trek-bokken” is but a memory of times gone by. But are the good times of springbok hunting then or now?

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Zebra on a waterhole

Why Does the Zebra Have the Stripes?

The skin of the zebra is one of the most popular trophies that hunters bring home from African safaris. Whether you use it as a carpet on the wall or a rug on the floor, or make a more original taxidermy out of it, the striking black-and-white skin can’t help but stir your curiosity. The old question “Is zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?” has been positively answered. Zebra embryos start out black (or brown), and the white color appears later, so zebra is black with white stripes. But why do they need the stripes in the first place?

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Small Felines. Part II: Africa

Felines are perhaps the most successful predators among mammals. More species of felines exist than of canines. In a previous post we covered small felines of the Northern Hemisphere: Bobcat and Lynx. Let’s move over to Africa and talk about what cats, other than Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, you can hunt there. There are three: Caracal, Serval, and African Wild Cat.

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