BookYourHunt Africa: Opening New Horizons

Today most people think that Africa has been fully explored and nothing new can be found on its shores. But we at believe it is not yet true. Opportunities for adventure, that are yet unknown the majority of American, European, and even resident African hunters, still exist – and many more of them can be opened and created by people with open minds and high tolerance to labor. This is the BookYourHunt way. And this is why we’re opening a dedicated African office. Allow us to introduce you to the new members of the team.

Alex McDonaldAlex McDonald has been involved in BookYourHunt since its inception and now takes the lead as the Director of BookYourHunt – Africa. The McDonald family has been active in the industry for three generations, stood at the source of the modern African hunting industry as we know it. Experienced dangerous-game PH in South Africa, Mozambique and Central Africa, Alex is an expert in both consumptive and non-consumptive use conservation, and has hands-on experience in hunting operations and reserve management in a wide variety of habitats from the relatively civilized Eastern Cape to the nearly pristine wilderness of Mozambique. Alex is a member of the Custodians Of Professional Hunting & Conservation South Africa (CPHC-SA), Professional Hunters Association of Mozambique (AMOS), SA-Hunters and SA-Wing Shooters.

Peter RuddleOutfitter relations will be handled by Peter Ruddle, who is well-known to those familiar with African hunting industry not only as a licensed PH since 1982, but also for his work in the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA). Peter is a member of the Custodians Of Professional Hunting & Conservation South Africa (CPHC-SA). He served as the Chairman of a Conservation and Empowerment Fund, that financed numerous conservation, community development, and educational projects, and is also the former Chairman of the International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation.

Both Alex and Peter have impeccable professional reputations and outstanding abilities, and under their direction African office is doomed for success. We’re sure that the new members of the team are the right kind of people and we’re proud to have them aboard. And to help them faster integrate into the way of doing things, we’re assigning to them one of our most valuable workers – Elena Bogdanova.
elena bogdanova bookyourhunt
Elena, who has been at BookYourHunt since 2015 and has a huge experience of working with outfitters and clients from all parts of the world. She will continue supporting many African outfitters that are already on board of BYH.

Hunting on the southern end of the African continent has always been about moving forward to new horizons: long treks to uncharted areas in ox-drawn wagons in the XVI-XIX centuries; creating flourishing hunting grounds on lands that seemed to be hopelessly ‘civilized’ in the XXth. Now, as the African hunting industry breaks into the digital age, is moving on to create a dedicated African office. Powered by exceptionally competent staff, with immense hands-on experience and local knowledge, it will help you find the best and most affordable hunting opportunities – including some you never knew existed!


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