nile crocodile

‘Gator and Croc

This post covers the difference between alligators and crocodiles from a hunter’s perspecitive: how to hunt alligator and how to hunt crocodile, how much does it cost, etc., in addition to the basic data about biology, appearance, distribution, etc. And yes, you meet one later, and the other after a while, the alligator and crocodile joke.

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A mature trophy lion

The Lion’s Breath, by Aleksei Agafonov

Lion hunting over bait is included in the “dangerous game” category for a reason. When Aleksei Agafonov, the founder and CEO, was offered a chance to hunt a lion in Mozambique, his first impulse was to refuse. He agreed, and discovered, as the lion was literally breathing down his neck, that the gut feeling that warned him against it was not completely groundless. But the real cause of his fear hid deep in his subconscious.

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A crocodile lazing on a river bank

Immersion Into the Past: Crocodile Hunting

Crocodiles evolved 60 million years ago, and outlived dinosaurs. They are dangerous neighbors for people in rural Africa, who are only happy when a hunter comes from Europe or America to kill one. Hundreds of people perish in crocodile jaws in Africa, which makes hunting the reptiles ethically justified: if they can kill us, we can kill them. Try walking in the shoes of Lt. Col. Patterson and Jim Corbett, but beware: crocodile hunting can be dangerous.

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The classic trek in a wagon was a slow and expensive business

The Golden Age of the Travelling Hunter

A lot of hunters envy Selous, Roosevelt, and other people who hunted in exotic countries years ago. But these hunters often forget that a century ago exotic hunting was something only a few very rich people could do. Today, with air travel and so on, hunting in Africa and other remote countries has become available to middle class, and in fact, all things considered, the golden age of the traveling hunter is now.

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Your Trophy Is Your Memory: Wise Taxidermy Choices for an African Hunt

Hunters cherish the trophies as material memories of their adventure. How to make the right choice of the taxidermy studio that won’t break your bank account? Should you choose a Euro mount, a shoulder mount, a pedestal mount, a full mount, or something creative? Is it better to “dip and ship” your trophies to a taxidermist near your home, or to use an African taxidermy studio? What can you do during the hunt to improve the quality of your trophies? These and other tips for taxidermy in our blog post.

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