500+ Outfitters on BookYourHunt.com!

500 outfitters on BookYourHunt.com

There are still places on this planet where the best hunters aren’t bashed and bullied by the society. In rural Mozambique, says Grant Taylor, not only are the visiting hunters treated with utmost respect. But the job of a safari tracker – and the hunting skills required to do it – gives you the highest social status in the local community.

Grant Taylor is the founder, owner and PH of Mashambanzou Safaris, the 500th outfitter to join BookYourHunt.com. His nine permanent lodges are as comfortable as can be. But the hunting is the opposite of “slaughtering innocent creatures”. Mashambanzou does offer impressive plains game packages, but it’s real focus is on beasts that fight back – buffalo and leopard, and to a lesser extent lion and elephant. The buffalo hunt is spot and stalk, or walk and stalk, and the leopards are as often as not hunted over Gavin Lipjes’s pack of hounds (read here how challenging and demanding this hunt is). To get an elephant, you’ll have to walk through the bush for five straight days or more, as often as not. Whatever your quarry, with Mashambanzou it’s a real hunt where you have to be prepared to work for your trophy.  One of the filters in BookYourHunt.com search engine is the hunt difficulty. Here it is set to the max: #hunt_hard!

Grant started his operation in 2005, having worked as a PH in Mozambique and Zimbabwe for a number of years prior to that. From one concession his business gradually grew to nine territories in the best hunting areas of Mozambique. To sell his hunts, he started a website, contacted booking agencies, and attended outdoor shows. But the most reliable way of finding clients has been word-of-mouth advertising. His reputation as a great hunting operation grew as clients told about the great time they had to their friends and anyone who’d listen. Then, one day the tables were turned and a long-time client mentioned BookYourHunt.com and recommended it to Grant.

“I’d heard about BookYourHunt.com before, but at first I thought it was just another agency. Then I heard other outfitters saying how BookYourHunt.com was bringing them clients and not just wasting people’s time. Looking on Uber and AirBNB, I began to feel that online bookings were the future. Long story short, as soon as I fully understood the concept of BookYourHunt.com, I joined immediately” – says Grant.

And this is perfectly natural. Mashambanzou Safaris is a place for a real hunter, and so is BookYourHunt.com. Grant Taylor is not afraid of transparency, or of competition, because he’s got nothing to hide and has a great product. BookYourHunt.com is a transparent online marketplace that makes it easy for an outstanding operation to show itself to its best advantage. And features such as personal recommendations, smart subscriptions, elaborate search options, empower the hunter to select the best hunt for their needs and wallet.

So it’s no wonder that as BookYourHunt.com is pushing into its third year of operation, the number of outfitters on the marketplace has exceeded 500, and we’re pushing for 4,000 hunts. Nowhere in the world you’ll find such a variety, coupled with best price guarantee and 24/7 support. Not to mention that most outfitters on BookYourHunt.com are star operations like Mashambanzou Safaris. This prompts more and more hunters to book with BookYourHunt.com, benefitting the outfitters in turn. Rural Mozambique is the place where best hunters enjoy the highest social status. BookYourHunt.com is the place where best outfitters get the recognition, respect, and bookings they deserve!


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