3 reasons to hunt in New Zealand

We decided to go on with our series “3 reasons to hunt” for a bit and, having already described Canada, would like to tell you about a different destination.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the spectacular landscapes featured in “The Lord of the Rings” and hunting amidst the breathtaking mountains of New Zealand? If you are still looking for reasons, we are here to help you with that.

Why New Zealand

1. Breathtaking scenery

New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries in the world.

Beautiful mountains of New Zealand

2. Unique species

New Zealand is a top destination for hunting magnificent red stags, as well as for Himalayan tahr and chamois.

Himalayan Tahr roaming its territories

2. Family friendly

New Zealand is an outstanding destination for a family vacation or post-hunt touring.

Famous Hobbiton village
A bit more about hunting in New Zealand

Beautiful vistas and a large selection of game to hunt await the hunter visiting New Zealand. Whether you are a seasoned international hunter or just looking for your first international hunting experience, this South Pacific nation is an ideal destination. A hunt in New Zealand is easy to plan, and it is a safe and welcoming country. Because it is stable and friendly, New Zealand is also a perfect place to include your spouse or family in your adventure.

Diverse terrain of New Zealand

New Zealand offers very diverse terrain that accommodates the desires or physical limitations of all hunters. Hunts can be conducted from the comfort of a five-star lodge with a swimming pool and spa, or from a tented spike camp in the wilderness. The easily accessible lush and grassy lowlands are home to estate hunts which can be accessed via trucks or ATVs. This is often a good option if a companion chooses to stay in the lodge and enjoy the amenities or do some touring. Hunters may also choose remote wilderness hunts in the high alpine ruggedness of the Southern Alps, which are accessed mainly by hiking or helicopter. These are more physical hunts with thick brush and steeper terrain. You can also choose a combination of both.

Stalking the dream trophy

A large selection of game awaits the hunter visiting New Zealand. The majestic red stag is always a favorite for hunters and usually the focus of the hunt. The Himalayan tahr is another of the pinnacle species in New Zealand and can be very challenging to hunt in the steep, rugged terrain where they live. Other species include the handsome fallow deer, chamois, and many other varieties of deer, goats, sheep, and even water buffalo. Again, this selection offers choices to fit every hunter’s tastes and capabilities. All of New Zealand is picturesque, with many locations combining coastal beaches transitioning up to majestic rocky peaks, making this a photographer’s dream. Touring is easily incorporated with a hunt and can include historic sites, glacier hikes, scenic train rides, paragliding, hiking, and helicopter scenic trips. New Zealand makes for a complete hunting vacation adventure that will be sure to please all tastes.

What you need to know

Flights are readily available into New Zealand from most countries. Entry into the country is easy and the authorities are friendly and make the process very comfortable. Visitors from a long list of visa waiver countries don’t need to apply in advance for a visa for a stay of three months or less in New Zealand—a visa will be issued on arrival. Check the list of visa waiver countries. You can find other valuable information on visas, firearms regulations, hunting rules, guiding and licensing, game species, taxidermy, export permits and so much more on our New Zealand page. By clicking on tabs “Planning your trip”, “Upon arrival”, “Hunting”, “After the hunt” you can find all the details that you may need.

High above the clouds on a hunt in New Zealand
And here comes the fun part

And now, as you already know all the details about hunting in New Zealand, you can go on and choose you next wonderful adventure. Do you prefer rifle hunting, or are you an archery man? Maybe you have always dreamed of going after a gorgeous Himalayan Tahr or spending time in search of an Arapawa Ram? There are so many opportunities! We made it easy for you. You can just go to BookYourHunt, choose game type, your favorite hunting method or just browse through all the trips available. And all this on one landing page!

Enjoying the freedom of hunting

We as outdoorsmen know, how hard it is sometimes to keep track of all  the smallest details when you are preparing for a hunt. Especially if it is in a different land. That is one having it all in one place is so important, because it makes the process easier and faster, doesn’t it? And if there are any questions you still have – we are always there to answer them!

Now go and check out our New Zealand page for yourself and find your hunt of a lifetime!

Sincerely yours,

BookYourHunt Team!

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