3 reasons to hunt in Canada

Canada is one of the most beloved hunting destinations. As outdoorsmen we all know how important it is to gear up. And it doesn’t only mean pack your hunting gear, it means – find out all the details about your final destination. Because only then you can be sure that your hunt will be a total success. And here is what you should know about hunting in Canada.

Why Canada

1. Magnificent scenery

Canada contains within its borders some of the wildest country and most magnificent scenery the world has to offer

Breathtaking landscapes of Canada

2. Variety of unique species

Canada is home to 25 of North America’s 30 big-game species

3. Highly professional guiding

Canada’s outfitting industry is highly professional and committed to the responsible, sustainable, and ethical use of the country’s wildlife resources.

Hunters conquering the Canadian Rockies
A bit more about hunting in Canada

With more than two dozen huntable big game species and an astounding array of waterfowl, small game, and birds across a broad range of habitats, Canada is a hunter’s dream. From forests to tundra, from open prairies to vast boreal forests and the stunning Canadian Rockies, Canada has something for every hunter. This sparsely populated country puts great emphasis on protecting its natural resources and provides fair-chase opportunities to pursue magnificent big-game species that pique the interest of hunters from all over the world.

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Hunting trips to Canada are filled with beauty and splendor and offer even experienced hunters an exceptional challenge and unforgettable experience. What makes hunting in Canada unique is its rich variety of game: grizzly and black bears, moose, wapiti, five varieties of cariboubobcat, lynx, Canadian wolf, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, elk, bison, mountain goatwhite-tailed, and mule deer. If you are looking for a challenge that will leave you with a lifetime of memories, Canada is the perfect destination.

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Gorgeous mountain goat
What you need to know

For a hunter wishing to go to Canada knowing valuable information on visas, firearms regulations, hunting rules, guiding and licensing, game species, taxidermy, export permits and so much more is crucial because it is an essential part of a successful hunt. We wouldn’t bore you with this information here. You can find it on our Canada page. By clicking on tabs ‘Planning your trip’, ‘Upon arrival’, ‘Hunting’, ‘After the hunt’ you can find all the details that you may need.

Endless lakes of Canada
And here comes the fun part

And now that you are geared up with all the details about hunting in Canada you can go on and choose you next adventure. Do you have a dream moose that you want to hunt? Or maybe you like bow hunting or stalking? There is so much that you can do in Canada.

We made it easy for you. You can just go to BookYourHunt, choose game type, your favorite hunting method or just browse through all the trips available. And all this on one landing page. Cool, ha?


Being aware of all the smallest details that can come your way while preparing and going on a hunt is the best thing you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get your trophy of a lifetime. And if there are any questions you still have – we are always there to answer them!

Now go and check out our Canada page for yourself and find your hunt of a lifetime!

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