The sky’s the limit: new BookYourHunt features

Fellow hunters and outfitters,

Here – at BookYourHunt – we are constantly working on improving our service as well as doing our best to improve the hunting industry. We want to make the flow of finding and booking a hunt quick and comfortable for both the hunter and the outfitter. We look for the best possible solutions to the problems that may arise for both sides, thus streamlining the process of booking your outdoor adventure from a frustrating long-lasting procedure into an exciting journey.

One of our new game species – majestic Quebec-Labrador Caribou

We have been waiting for the implementation of some great new features to our website for quite some time now. Now let us present you the new features of

1. Chat in hunter’s profile.

This is quite an important new feature. Now communication between hunters, outfitters and support of BYH has become much easier. You just need to sign up as a hunter and then discuss any questions you have regarding a specific tour, a country or just general issues with both outfitters and our support team live.

Hunter’s chat tab
2. Dashboard in hunter’s profile.

There you can find useful information about your conversations, bookings. All the important details are now gathered on the dashboard page.

Hunter’s dashboard
3. New design for catalog pages.

Just hover on ‘Catalog‘ in the top menu and explore the changes yourself. New nice and friendly design that helps you find the hunt you want.

Our new catalog design
4. Payments by credit card.

Now you can pay not only via money transfer, but now you have the option of using your credit card, which makes booking a hunt much faster and easier.

5. New destinations and game species.

We are constantly adding new countries and animals and expanding the world of ethical hunting. You can now enjoy the beauty of hunting in Greenland, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as try and get a Quebec-Labrador Caribou and many more!

Beautiful scenery at the hunting lodge in Greenland

For us at BookYourHunt the sky is the limit, that is why there are more awesome changes to come. We’ll keep you posted!

Your feedback is always more than welcome!

Now go and check out our new features for yourself and find your hunt of a lifetime!

Sincerely yours,

BookYourHunt Team!