1001 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Hunt in Africa: Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series 1001 Questions about Hunting in Africa

We’re continuing our “1001 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Hunt in Africa” (click here for Part 1).  Each question comes with an answer where we can give it, or with tips re: why you should ask it, what information to look for, and where to get it. This part deals with what you should bring, including the essential – your weapons.

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Lions and Lion Lands. From “The Book of the Lion”, 1913, by Sir Alfred E. Pease

In my youth I believed myself so hemmed in by circumstances and duties that I thought I should never break through such barriers into the real world beyond. Conventionalities which then looked like a granite wall I have discovered to be a delusion. I have learnt that human beings do not always understand the language in which duty calls, and that by the use of a little force a hole can be made through the thorny zariba of circumstances by which the poor, impounded creature, whether peasant or potentate, may escape to taste of life.

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A sunset on a hunting safari in Africa

A Tip or Two. By Alex McDonald

Tipping during a hunting safari is a delicate question that is often a subject of heated discussions. Having been a client myself, been present during tipping in other outfitters operations, as well as the outfitter and PH in charge of the safaris, I have compiled a baseline overview of the discussion which may help you during your upcoming safari in Africa 

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Ruins of an ancient abandoned fortress in Tajikistan

To the Roots of Mountain Hunting: Part II

Frank Zitz had his reservations before going Ibex hunting with Hunting&Conservation Alliance of Tajikistan. It proved to be a fantastic trip, with great hospitality, professional team, outstanding insights into local culture, and above all great hunting, with healthy herd of mountain game ensured by trophy hunting funded conservation.

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