Small Felines. Part II: Africa

Felines are perhaps the most successful predators among mammals. More species of felines exist than of canines. In a previous post we covered small felines of the Northern Hemisphere: Bobcat and Lynx. Let’s move over to Africa and talk about what cats, other than Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, you can hunt there. There are three: Caracal, Serval, and African Wild Cat.

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A bull caribou standing in a river


Caribou is well adapted to life in tundra and boreal woods. Many kinds of caribou are recognized, including barren ground, Quebec and Labrador, woodland and mountain caribou. Some populations are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, but most are healthy and licenses are available over the counter. The greatest secret of caribou hunting is combination of stalking and ambushing, and (for tundra caribou) timing the trip to migration. Caribou hunting requires travel to remote areas and are hard to do for a non-resident without an outfitter or licensed guide.

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A crocodile lazing on a river bank

Immersion Into the Past: Crocodile Hunting

Crocodiles evolved 60 million years ago, and outlived dinosaurs. They are dangerous neighbors for people in rural Africa, who are only happy when a hunter comes from Europe or America to kill one. Hundreds of people perish in crocodile jaws in Africa, which makes hunting the reptiles ethically justified: if they can kill us, we can kill them. Try walking in the shoes of Lt. Col. Patterson and Jim Corbett, but beware: crocodile hunting can be dangerous.

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A male pronghorn antelope: a great hunting trophy

Target Pronghorn for Your First Western Hunt: Guest post by Ron Spomer

The pronghorn antelope is abundant in the American West, licenses and tags are readily available, and outfitted hunts much more affordable than elk or mule deer. On the other hand, pronghorn is a sharp-sighted and wary creature, making hunting one a real challenge. All this makes pronghorn, according to Ron Spomer, an ideal quarry for a first hunt in the American West. With tips on what rifle and cartridge to use, how to stalk pronghorn, how to choose an outfitter, and more.

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