Small Felines. Part II: Africa

Felines are perhaps the most successful predators among mammals. More species of felines exist than of canines. In a previous post we covered small felines of the Northern Hemisphere: Bobcat and Lynx. Let’s move over to Africa and talk about what cats, other than Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, you can hunt there. There are three: Caracal, Serval, and African Wild Cat.

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A mature trophy lion

The Lion’s Breath, by Aleksei Agafonov

Lion hunting over bait is included in the “dangerous game” category for a reason. When Aleksei Agafonov, the founder and CEO, was offered a chance to hunt a lion in Mozambique, his first impulse was to refuse. He agreed, and discovered, as the lion was literally breathing down his neck, that the gut feeling that warned him against it was not completely groundless. But the real cause of his fear hid deep in his subconscious.

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A flock of Canada geese

Waterfowl Locally

Early season goose and duck hunts are no easy deal, and a hunter who doesn’t have enough previous experience in waterfowl hunting may have a hard road of trial and error before returning home with a limit of birds. That’s where we come in. The best and quickest way to get the knack of the thing is a hunt with a good guide.

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