Season’s Greetings

It’s this time of year again, when we count the blessings of the year past, and look forward into the future. It is time to sit back and remember the good things that came your way in the year past – and we hope your memories will be your inspiration for the future adventures.

Christmas time is the time of giving, and you’ve likely been busy shopping for and packing the presents. But isn’t wilderness the greatest gift you can give? We wish next year you’ll share the joy of introducing your loved ones to the splendor of the tall mountains and reedy lakes, vast planes and impenetrable forests.

Christmas time is the promise of new life born from out of the dead of winter. And just as the birth of Jesus Christ gives Christians new hope and inspiration, so does the Great Outdoors serve as a source of renewal for believers and non-believers alike, with new trails to blaze, new encounters with birds and animals, new friends, challenges and pursuits that wilderness so readily provides.

We wish you to drink freely from this source in the year to come, and we take the pledge to provide you with the more and better opportunities for it.

Merry Christmas,

and Happy New Trails,

Happy New Encounters with Wonderful Wildlife,

Happy New Challenges and Pursuits,

Happy New Year with BookYourHunt!

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