Oops, We Did It Again!

4 year birthday cake for BookYourHunt.com

Almost forgot about BookYourHunt.com’s birthday, that is. Last year we almost missed three years of BookYourHunt.com operation, this year history repeated itself.

Same reason: there’s a lot going on at our online marketplace. As ever, we’re doing our best to make sure you can book the hunt of your dreams at the best possible price. As of today, you can choose between over 4301 hunts directly from 639 outfitters all over the world, with the best price guarantee. More and more hunters choose to book their hunts on BookYourHunt.com, and if you search the hashtag #anotherhappyhunter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll see many happy faces behind trophies as diverse as a javelina and a 10’+ Kamchatka bear.

bookyourhunt.com performance over 4 years

But there’s more to our online marketplace than that. We believe that if you want to be the best, you must never stop. Being always on the edge, looking for new horizons, is the key to success. And here are the new things we introduced during the last 12 months:

We launched the BookYourHunt.com gift card program – a card that will pay, partly or in full, for any hunt on our online marketplace. You can buy, deliver, and use the BookYourHunt.com gift card online, making it the ultimate last-minute present, and the best gift for the hunter ever.

We started the Landowner Lease program. If you have to hunt for a lease before you can hunt a deer, or if you’d like to share the access to your property with someone else who could contribute to maintaining and regulating wildlife there, as well as bring you extra income, you won’t find a more convenient place than BookYourHunt.com.

We opened BookYourHunt.de, a localized office dedicated specifically to Europe. The continent with ancient hunting tradition is still pretty much a thing in itself when it comes to hunting. Bernhard Hluszik, well known for SCI members as the President of the Austrian Charter, knows every corner of Europe and will open it to hunters globally.  

We opened BookYourHunt.com African office. The Dark Continent still hides an abundance of opportunities for adventure, for both local and international hunters, that remain unknown to the general hunting public… yet, that is, as Alex McDonald and Peter Ruddle, who need not be introduced to knowledgeable hunters, will will help you find the best and most affordable hunting opportunities – including some you never knew existed!

And the job is as much fun as it has been all these years! We’re excited about our marketplace, and many more interesting things are in the oven for our fifth year of operation. You’ll be amazed at what we’re up to! Stay with us, register, subscribe to our e-mail blast, and book your hunts with BookYourHunt.com!

bookyourhunt 4 year in operation


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