Meet the new design of a hunt page!

BookYourHunt: new design of the trip page

We are always working on improving hunter experience on our website. Our main goal is to bring transparency in communication between hunters and outfitters and this month we had a big step towards this goal.

Now communication with outfitters is much easier thanks to the following list of recent updates of the hunt page.

1. Direct speech from the outfitter
Outfitter has a chance to explain why hunting on his territory is a unique and worthwhile experience

direct speech.png

2. Simple flow of the page
Essentially, now there are only 2 columns on the page: left one gives the hunter all the necessary details regarding the hunt and the right one helps the client to understand the price structure of the trip

2 columns.png

3. All the necessary information to make a decision
Direct speech from an outfitter, reviews from fellow hunters, recommended tours, improved ‘terms’ section  – just to name a few exciting updates that provide the hunter with valuable information. And if you still have some questions, you can always use ‘Ask Question’ widget to get answers directly from the outfitter!

direct communication.png