Lost in New Zealand

Not so long ago James Reed, Director of BookYourHunt – North America,  had a chance to challenge his hunting skills and enjoy amazing scenery on his wonderful hunt in New Zealand. Here is his fascinating story:

“I had long anticipated a hunt in New Zealand. The allure of the beautiful scenery coupled with the hunting opportunities there had always sparked my interest but schedule conflicts and other opportunities had kept me from accomplishing this dream. Everything finally came together and I made my first journey to a long awaited destination, New Zealand.

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Amazing mountains of New Zealand

New Zealand is a destination where you can combine a hunt with some touring of the incredible beauty this island country has to offer. Arrangements are very easy to make and travel options are plentiful to accommodate your schedule. Procuring your temporary firearms permit is a simple process you can accomplish online before your travels so upon your arrival clearing your firearm is a simple process. The landscape of New Zealand is diverse and stunning. From lush rain forests, beaches along the coast to the majestic peaks of the Southern Alps around every turn is an inspiring and picturesque view. The hunting is just as diverse with many different species and hunting methods to choose from. Basically you can make a hunt in New Zealand to your taste. From estate hunts out of 5 star lodges to remote wilderness hunts out of a spike camp and everything in between. I was fortunate to experience both.

James Reed taking a break to enjoy the breathtaking scenery

We scheduled my hunt to coincide with the red stag roar but as late as possible so the Himalayan tahr were wearing their long winter coats. My hunt for red stag was based out of a lodge but we hiked up a river valley to hunt free range red stags in the mountains above the farmlands. I was fortunate and harvested a beautiful mature free range stag as he was chasing a couple of smaller bulls away from his hinds. We then flew into a high mountain valley below the peaks of the Southern Alps. A tented spike camp set up at the confluence of two streams was our base for this hunt. The beauty and splendor of this high mountain setting was absolutely among the top of my hunting career. Hunting for the tahr consisted of hiking to good vantage points and glassing for tahr. This hunt was a true mountain hunt in every sense of the word.

Sweet hiking vibes of a true mountain hunt

After a few days of glassing several different bull tahr we finally spotted the bull we were after deep in a steep drainage nearly straight below us. After crawling out onto a rock outcropping I made a rest in the fork of a bush and made a very steep one handed shot to harvest a majestic mature bull tahr.

James Reed & his trophy – a majestic mature bull tahr

After the hunt I took the opportunity to tour the south island. I rode scenic trains across the mountains, heli-hiked glaciers and mountains, sat in hot pools and napped on the shores of crystal blue lakes under the peaks of the mountains. New Zealand is a destination that should be on all hunters’ short lists. This is the perfect hunt to enjoy with spouses, family or friends. I know this first trip to New Zealand won’t be my last.”

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