How To Find The Best Hunt: Tips for using the Hunting Map

The Hunting Map

Finding the perfect hunt for the trophy you’ve always wanted, in an iconic or easy to access area, at just the right time, with a great guide, and at an affordable price, can be hard. is designed to simplify this process, but navigating between its 4000+ hunts from 500+ outfitters worldwide can be a challenge. Here are a few tips how to make your search for your perfect hunt quicker and simpler – with the Hunting Map feature.

When you use the search menu to find your hunt on our marketplace, the hunts are typically shown as a list. It may work fine for you, especially if you’re looking for a less-than-common species such as Marco Polo sheep. But in many cases the Hunting Map is going to work better.

Why? If you’re interested in hunting a widespread species, such as a whitetail deer, your hunt list may feature literally hundreds of options. Some of them may be nearly identical, except for minor details such as hunt dates, type of weapons (archery, rifle, muzzleloader), and number of hunters in the group. Others may be in a location that you aren’t considering at present. These hunts may make it difficult to identify those options that seem tailored for you.

Of course, you can refine your search nearly indefinitely. You can filter out archery hunts by selecting “rifle” in the appropriate box, or select the specific country, state or province you intend to hunt. But many users find that switching to the map view typically gives you a better freedom to choose.

Location is everything, and for the most hunters ease of travel is a deciding factor. But if you set your preference to only one area, you may miss a better option in a neighboring region. For example, a hunter in New York City who’s looking for a deer or black bear hunt within driving distance, and limits the search to New York State, will probably miss a whole lot of out-of-state opportunities, that are just as convenient to access, but may offer better trophies or prices. With the map view, you’ll see all hunts a glance and can quickly estimate if the location is convenient or not, and if there’s any competition nearby.

Most great hunting destinations have one thing in common – a wide variety of landscapes and habitat. There’s a world of difference, for instance, between brown bear hunting in Kamchatka and near St. Petersburg in Russia. The Caprivi or Etosha areas in Namibia are not the same thing as the hilly areas around Windhoek or arid semi-deserts in the south of the country. They all offer a different mix of species and hunt types, but the same outfitter may have concessions in different areas. The map view will help you navigate between them easier, without the need to click on each hunt to see where it is.

The hunts show on the map as little pins according to each outfitter’s location. A click on this pin will show you the basic info about the outfitter, including territory size and type, species to hunt, and starting price, without opening a new window, closing your map or deleting the search preferences you have entered.

The map view allows you to apply the same search filters as the list view. Just click on “Filters” in the top left corner of the map, and choose species, dates, number of hunters and guests, price, and every other filter you may need.

Of course everybody’s different, and you may find that list view works better for your particular search. But the best thing about search views is that you can shift from list to map in an instant – just click on that little brown circle with “List of Hunts” or “See on the Map”. It’s in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Go to the Hunting Map page of and try it for yourself!

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