BookYourHunt supports Ethical Hunting with NAPHA members

BookYourHunt prides itself in being the world leader in online hunt booking platforms. Our goal is to provide the best selection of hunts with the best most reputable outfitters on the easiest to use platform available. To ensure the quality of our hunts we always try to partner with guide/outfitter associations around the world where possible and only allow their members to list their hunts on BookYourHunts. One partner who was the first to believe in BookYourHunt was the Namibia Professional Hunters Association or NAPHA.

For the international hunting clientele, one of the main attractions of hunting in Namibia is the high standard of ethics maintained by the Namibia Professional Hunting Association. All hunting resorts are under the strict supervision of the Directorate of Resource Management of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). NAPHA works hand in hand with MET not only for legal ethical hunting but also to ensure sustainable use hunting is the backbone of conservation in Namibia. This is echoed in NAPHA’s Mission Statement:

The fundamental purpose of NAPHA is to enhance and maintain, by effective management, an organizational infrastructure that can serve professional hunting members, clients and other interest groups. Our intent is to ensure and promote ethical conduct, sustainable utilization of natural resources, and to secure the industry for current and future generations.
The Association insists that its members provide the highest standard of professional service to international hunting guests. They are expected to hunt strictly in accordance with the ethical principles as stipulated in NAPHA’s Hunting Code. The Hunting Professional is at all times encouraged to act responsibly towards nature, wildlife and the local population.

These values are shared by BookYourHunt and is why we are so proud to be a partner with and sponsor of NAPHA and their Annual General meeting which we are proud to attend each year. Only NAPHA outfitter members are allowed to offer their hunts on BookYourHunt so when you book your safari in Namibia from the vast selection on our website you know you are booking with a consummate professional.
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