Come together: How to combine hunting and a family vacation.

In the modern world, there are many kinds of families. There are families where none of the spouses hunts (but they probably have nothing to do on BookYourHunt). There are families where all members enjoy the hunt – and truly fortunate are they (unless some of the children are too little to join in and someone has to babysit). And there are families that form the majority of BookYourHunt’s clients: where one spouse hunts, and the other doesn’t. What if for half of the family the idea of fun is pursuing mountain game, rugged weather and terrain notwithstanding, and for the other it is a spell on the beach between a bit of sightseeing and dining out at a chic place?

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Going hunting doesn’t mean you must leave your family behind. In New Zealand and other destinations you can have the best of both worlds.

This can really become a problem. You just can’t push on your lifelong partner to join you in something that she or he is absolutely not going to enjoy – either way. The kids are also torn – they might want to be introduced to the mysterious world of hunting and dive in the pleasures of seaside and amusement parks at the same time. Finally, hunters themselves aren’t people who are only set on one thing; most would really enjoy admiring historical sites and buildings, taking kids to the Water World, or simply vegetating a day or two on the beach next to the love of their lives. But there are only so many days you can take off work…

In Spain, iconic beaches, historical places and Ibex hunting are often a short drive away.

But who says hunting and a family vacation can’t be combined? Certainly not us. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your family values all the time to have a great hunt. There are great options that allow you to stay together and enjoy doing what you love most at the same point in time and space – even though the things you enjoy be different. With our access to nearly every possible hunt in the world, we can assist you in finding the best hunting and family vacation all in one!

Many game lodges in Argentina offer 5* comfort and entertainment for both hunters and non-hunters.

Many game lodges in Argentina offer family packages. These lodges often feature 5-star standard of accommodation and cooking. While the designated hunter or hunters shoot doves or hunts deer, the non-hunting members of the family can simply relax by the swimming pool, go horse riding through the pampas, or quench the explorer’s thirst with a visit to a local village. Most transport routes are through Buenos-Aires, so a hunting trip easily combines with a stopover at this old colonial city for some shopping and sightseeing (and the tango, if you be so inclined).

Mauritius offers something to a sea lover and to a hunter.

For the perfectionist sea lover who insists on the ultimate beach vacation (accompanied by a savage that can’t live a month without chasing some animal or bird) nothing beats  Mauritius. Ask about the island in any tourist agency, and they’ll tell you about beautiful sandy beaches and average temperatures of air and sea that match anyone’s idea of comfort. What you’ll NEVER learn from a regular tourist agency – “hunting” being a no-no word for the general crowd – is that the island is also home to an interesting variety of deer: the Rusa stag. In fact, many outfitters on Mauritius offer combo trips where your family (and you) get to stay at a seaside resort, from where the guide will pick you up in the car and take you hunting.

Rusa deer features unique appearance and behavior.

If you are not familiar with the Rusa deer, a little information may be necessary. This is a variety of Red Deer, its native habitat is Java, and it was imported to Mauritius in the XVII century. The males carry sturdy but impressive antlers, and have a curious habit of “decorating” them with vegetation during the rut. Both bowhunting and hunting with a rifle is available, and most hunting is done by stalking, but some outfitters arrange high seat and driven hunts. Rusa deer rut in July and August – the “season” when most big city dwellers are looking for a refreshing spell at the sea – so it’s an exciting opportunity for the whole family. In addition to the Rusa deer, there are wild boar and small game hunting opportunities on Mauritius, to say nothing of fishing, spearfishing and diving.

Many game lodges in Namibia are family-friendly, offering safety, comfort, entertainment, and opportunity to take in Africa.

There are many more options for combining your family vacation and your hunting adventure on BookYourHunt. How about New Zealand, for instance? It’s a great country for family travel, and who wouldn’t want to find themselves surrounded by wonderful scenery and walking the trails from Lord of the Rings? In Spain, Ibex hunting may be only a short drive away from iconic beaches, architectural marvels and/or ski resorts. Where else would closing up on a Capra slam and improving your family relations come as 2 in 1? Even in Africa you can find a family package, where the non-hunters are treated to a variety of entertainment such as ATV riding – and get to see the incredible abundance of wildlife at the same time. Many lodges in Namibia offer that and other “tourist” activities for instance.

Just tick the ‘family friendly’ box on BookYourHunt search page and prepare to have a good time together!

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