BookYourHunt is pleased to announce its partnership with Nordic Safari Club.

BookYourHunt and Nordic Safari Club join forces. Our combined mission of this partnership is to protect hunters’ rights and promote wildlife conservation and ethical hunting.

The club was founded May 11, 1972 by well-known Nordic trophy hunters. It is independent of all hunting travel agencies and hunting organizations and is home to all Nordic hunters, especially with an interest in hunting abroad. It’s the club’s mission to work for the benefit of true ethical hunting.

Wapiti in North America

NSC’s goal is to protect the right to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. These primary missions are supported through the many arenas of the organization and align with BookYourHunt‘s deeply held values of supporting sustainable use conservation through hunting and helping proliferate fair chase hunting and ethics. NSC members help shape and promote the image of the hunter to non-hunters through their words and actions. In addition to practicing ethical hunting while in the field and around others, members give back by participating in humanitarian efforts taking place across the globe.

Together BookYourHunt, a trusted online marketplace for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and professional outfitters, and Nordic Safari Club, a nonprofit association of hunters of the Nordic countries, will work to maintain high ethical standards in all aspects of international hunting, to provide conditions for exchange of experience among hunters and to support the NSC’s surveying activity.

Canada Rockies

“Today’s announcement of our partnership with BookYourHunt is another solid step in our journey to build on our foundation in ethical hunting and promote our values,” – said Tim Anker Wermuth, chairman of the Nordik Safari Club. – “This partnership will help us fully deliver great service to all our members. In addition to a large database of outfitters, we get access to the best hunting offers directly from outfitters all over the world. BYH is the perfect partner to help us fully realize one of the goals of NSC – support the interest of our members in hunting abroad!.”

“We are very happy to partner with Scandinavian hunters, because their rich hunting culture and long-lasting historical hunting traditions aimed at keeping high ethical standards of true sustainable use hunting. We hope that together we can address issues and look for possible ways to affect change. Their vision is one that we share: of a just world that values and conserves nature. Our common mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.” – says Aleksey Agafonov, founder of BookYourHunt. – “We truly hope and believe, that partnering with NSC will help us make the hunting world more transparent and accessible to everyone.”

Red Stag

BookYourHunt now works with more than 300 outfitters worldwide and has just reached and already exceeded the milestone of 1500 hunts offered. Outfitters listed on BookYourHunt are vetted and verified to ensure reliability and 100% legal and ethical hunts. To help with this, BookYourHunt has partnered with Professional Hunter, Guide/Outfitter and Conservation associations around the world. BookYourHunt continues to grow and expand its offerings with the goal of being the go-to site for hunters looking to expand their horizons.

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