at SCI Annual Hunters’ Convention

Aleksei Agafonov, Jim Shockey, and Catherine McConnel: the team at the hunting convention

The hunting show season is not quite over yet. The Great American Outdoor Show is at full swing as of now, and about a month ahead the greatest European event, the IWA Outdoor Classics, will open its doors in Nuremberg, Germany. But today our post is about Safari Club International annual convention, an important milestone for

For decades, Safari Club International has been on the forefront of what we often express today with the hashtag #huntingisconservation. All these years the concept that sustainable hunting is the most efficient conservation tool has been challenged from all sides, always emotionally and seldom objectively. Unfortunately, the general public is not sufficiently educated about hunting, and therefore SCI’s Hunter Advocacy mission is gaining importance. 

The annual convention is an opportunity for the hunters and industry stakeholders to meet, communicate, and make sure we’re on the same bandwidth regarding hunting, conservation, and hunting advocacy. The emphasis here should perhaps be on “meet”, because getting together, feeling part of the community, is perhaps the most important part of it all.

Yet, participating in seminars and raffles, taking advantage of show special offers, admiring beautiful taxidermy displays, and being present for the prestigious SCI awards ceremony are also of value. Speaking of the awards, our congratulations to our Austrian partner Bernhard Hluszik, the President of the SCI chapter in Austria, on receiving the President’s Award! bernhard

We were thrilled to see so many people come to our Booth 3434, so many people interested in, and willing to learn firsthand what makes our service special. Every meeting between outdoorspeople, outfitters, and an occasional TV star or two is precious. But we can’t help admitting that when outfitters such as Leopard’s Valley Safaris come over to tell that is the best platform for promoting their hunts ever, it makes one so proud and inspired to keep up with good work.

The vibrant atmosphere of the show, the pulse of the outdoor industry beating with every meeting of friends old and new, has its downside too. It’s not always easy to just sit back and enjoy a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation. But Jim Shockey and James Reed managed to do just that. If you missed the live feed of the interview on our Facebook page, here it is for you.

Going to the shows is great, but going hunting is better. Find your next hunting adventure with!

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