A Marco Polo hunt.

Honestly, we don’t like to post pictures of our clients trophies. Because for us it not about just inches and pounds. We measure hunting with emotions, feelings and experience.

But now we want to make an exception. John Baker, our client and a good friend, really deserved his fantastic trophy. Hard work, dangerous travel and a prize in the end.

Well done John, congratulations! An here is his story:

“I just recently returned from my solo Tajikistan Marco Polo argali hunt that I booked via the www.bookyourhunt.com website.  Given the significant snow in the region, the trip turned into a memorable expedition to just get in and out of the hunting area and made hunting more difficult due to excessive snow drifts from the high winds.  The heavy snow in the region closed mountain passes due to multiple avalanches.

I was able to take a ram of a lifetime on this trip at an elevation of 14,000 ft RL near the Chinese border.   I took an old 9.5 year old ram that measured 62” x 60” with good mass.  It took one quick shot at 380 yards with my custom 30-378 wby shooting hand loaded 200 grain Nosler Accubonds at 3185 fps.  He was with a band of 8 or 9 smaller rams that was found during the pre-scouting effort by the local hunters during the weeks prior to my arrival.  I will forever remember looking at this band of sheep as they trotted away from me climbing up and over the mountain and seeing their horns splaying out to their sides.  The biggest ram finally turned semi-broadside and stopped momentarily before he crested over the ridge allowing for a quick shot opportunity.

Another unique memory from this trip was riding a snow machine at 14,000 plus feet to get across the border from Tajikistan into Kyrgyzstan in an epic 20 hour trip to get out of the hunting area.  

I would like to thank the team at BookYourHunt for organizing this hunt.  All aspects of the hunt were well organized and the communication leading up to the hunt was transparent and effective.  The local outfitter was in full alignment with my expectations and his local hunters were very professional and great people to share time with.  I will certainly being using www.bookyourhunt.com for future hunt planing after this experience”

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