3 Reasons to Hunt in South Africa

If you haven’t hunted South Africa before, chances are that you missing out ‘big time’. South Africa has always been high on the priority list of almost any hunter throughout the world. Although many hunters have had a taste of what Africa has to offer, millions have yet to experience this wonderful opportunity. African bush where far from the madding crowd, one can still connect with Mother Nature and allow her to sooth your soul.

Why South Africa

1. Diversity of animals

South Africa boasts an incredible diversity of game animals, from the Big Five to plains game.

2. Most affordable hunts

South African hunts are among the most affordable on the African continent, and are some of the best values in the hunting world.

Springboks fighting

3. Organized safari industry

South Africa has a large and highly organized safari industry, with outfitters in nearly every part of the country

A bit more about hunting in South Africa

South Africa is the most popular hunting country in Africa. It boasts a huge number of unique game animals and a highly organized and professional safari industry. Thousands of hunters, first-timers and experienced safari-goers alike, flock here every year to hunt plains game. A few of the most sought-after species are springbok, impala, blesbok, reedbuck, warthog, steenbok, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, Cape kudu, eland, nyala, black wildebeest, and vaal rhebok. In addition, all of the members of the Big Five — lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino — can be hunted here, as can hippos.

In South Africa you have many options in terms of the type of hunt you book. You may choose a hunt package or customize your trip for the specific number of days you want to stay and the number of animals you wish to hunt. Prices for South African hunts are very reasonable, so it’s the ideal destination for the budget-minded hunter. Most of the hunting in South Africa (though not all) is conducted on large game ranches, many with well-appointed lodges and luxury accommodations, making South Africa a great choice for a family safari.

What you need to know

Visas and Documentation

Travelers from the USA and most European and British Commonwealth countries are not required to have a visa to enter South Africa. Special requirements apply for children under the age of eighteen who are traveling to South Africa.


Most of South Africa is malaria-free, but malaria is present in a few areas, including northeastern KwaZulu-Natal Province as far south as the Tugela River, Limpopo (Northern) Province, and Mpumalanga Province. It is also present in Kruger National Park. If you will be hunting in or traveling to those areas, malaria prophylaxis is recommended.

Landscapes of South Africa

Firearms Permits

South Africa has strict rules for hunters bringing firearms into the country. Visitors who are hunting or participating in a shooting event must acquire a Temporary Import Permit. These can be obtained on arrival at the airport at the SA Police Firearm Office situated after immigration. There are also a number of commercial services that can secure your permit in advance for a fee, including the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa.

To be issued a permit, you will need to show proof of ownership of your firearm(s) (for American hunters, a U.S. Customs Form 4457 is sufficient), as well as an invitation letter signed by your outfitter proving that you have booked a hunt in South Africa. Each hunter is allowed to bring up to four firearms, but no two may be of the same caliber. Ammunition is limited to 200 rounds per firearm. It is advisable to pack your ammunition in a hard-sided, lockable case, as sometimes airlines will require you to check your ammunition separately.

Red Hartebeest


Most hunts in South Africa are spot-and-stalk or safari style, with the hunters covering ground either on foot or by vehicle and, once an animal is spotted, completing a stalk on foot. Terrain varies dramatically from relatively flat savanna to rugged mountains, depending on the region of the country you’re hunting. Some safaris can require extensive walking; others require very little, so it’s a good idea to ask the professional hunter.

Clothing and Gear

Dark green or brown clothing is best, as are comfortable, well-broken-in boots with soft soles for quiet stalking. You’ll only need a couple of changes of clothing as laundry is done daily at most camps. Bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunblock, good optics, and a jacket for cool mornings and evenings. In some areas pepper ticks are a problem, so tick repellent is a good idea.

Buffalo – one of the Big Five


Most professional hunters recommend rifles in the .300-caliber family for plains game and .375 for dangerous game, but the most important thing is to bring a rifle you are familiar with and can shoot well.

For a hunter wishing to go to South Africa knowing valuable information on visas, firearms regulations, hunting rules, guiding and licensing, game species, taxidermy, export permits and so much more is crucial because it is an essential part of a successful hunt. We wouldn’t bore you with this information here. You can find it on our SA page. By clicking on tabs ‘Planning your trip’, ‘Upon arrival’, ‘Hunting’, ‘After the hunt’ you can find all the details that you may need.

Elephant – another member of the Big Five
And Here Comes the Fun Part

And now that you are geared up with all the details about hunting in South Africa, you can go on and choose you next adventure. Do you have a dream Kudu that you want to hunt? Or maybe you like bow hunting or stalking? There is so much that you can do in South Africa.

We made it easy for you. You can just go to BookYourHunt, choose game type, your favorite hunting method or just browse through all the trips available.

Being aware of all the smallest details that can come your way while preparing and going on a hunt is the best thing you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get your trophy of a lifetime. And if there are any questions you still have – we are always there to answer them!

Cape Kudu

Africa has abundant wild life, and you will get to experience sights and sceneries like you have never seen before.

Now go and check out our South Africa page for yourself and find your hunt of a lifetime!

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